The Maverick, On Your Radio Dial

The Fletcher-Claitor Hour has landed a big fish from a big pond for its Saturday show: U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona. The show is co-hosted by Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, and political consultant Roy Fletcher. You can listen to it live in the Capital City on WBRP/Talk 107.3 from 1:05 p.m. to 2 […]

Morris: Running as an Outsider with Much Ground to Make Up

Whereas former Congressman Clyde Holloway, in his 13th run for public office, is well-known throughout the sprawling 5th District, Rep. Jay Morris faces a steep name recognition curve before he can vie for a runoff spot against his better-known GOP rivals. To overcome that, Morris aims to flood the Monroe and Alexandria markets with TV […]