Retired general launches PR war against Vitter

With former Army Gen. Wesley Clark stumping away in his backyard today, U.S. Sen. David Vitter is defending his own stance on a federal cell phone subsidy program for low-income citizens. Clark, the one-time Democratic candidate for president, told LaPolitics Monday morning that Vitter has repeatedly mischaracterized the Lifeline program, which the former general said […]

They Said It

“It’s a bunch of hogwash.” —DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan on a false press release stating that the town had banned twerking, in the Picayune “They’re politicians. How can they not have political motivations? That’s the way the world works.” —Capital Area Transit System board member Kenneth Perret, on an open letter by CEO Bob Mirabito, […]

“Old Vitter” Drives Them Crazy in D.C.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada called the junior senator from Louisiana “an anarchist,” and even Republicans colleagues were dismayed at him for blocking a bipartisan energy efficiency bill until he gets a vote on an amendment that no one else wants to even discuss. His amendment has nothing to do with […]

“Old Vitter” Has Senate at Impasse Over Health Care Vote

It seems just like the old days, with Sen. David Vitter angering both Republicans and Democrats over a hot-button issue he has seized eagerly with both hands. On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada called Vitter “an anarchist” for blocking passage of a bipartisan energy efficiency bill in order to force a vote […]

Vitter Opposes Syria Action, Candidates Split

Sen. David Vitter has come out against military action in Syria. He said in a statement that Syria poses no direct threat to the nation, adding, “I am extremely concerned that getting involved in Syria, after Iraq and Afghanistan, would make mustering our resolve to stop a nuclear Iran impossible.” Sen. Mary Landrieu likely will […]