Jindal Struggles with Common Core

This ruckus over Common Core, silly and sad as it’s been, has still served the public good in a couple of ways. It has given me and my journalistic colleagues something to write about on a slow week. And it has caused more people to know and discuss the most important thing going on in […]

Voucher Suit Is Gift to Jindal from Obama

Gov. Bobby Jindal may call the lawsuit brought by President Barack Obama’s administration against the state’s voucher program “cynical, immoral, hypocritical and more,” but he’s got to love the big guy for it. Had the U.S. Justice Department not intervened, Jindal’s already-embattled scholarship program may have shriveled and faded in years to come, under funding […]

BREAKING: Jindal wraps TV buy

Sources have confirmed to LaPolitics that Gov. Bobby Jindal and Co. have just concluded a statewide TV buy defending the governor’s stance on vouchers against the feds. Ads begin Monday.

Johnson Runs for His Opening

Rep. Robert Johnson could be the most electable Democrat in the runoff, based on internal polling, but his path there is a very tight one. “His opening is just a crack,” said one supporter. The registration numbers show the challenge. There are 126,000 black Democrats to 110,000 white Democrats, many of whom will be voting […]

Three-Way GOP Race in 5th

Jay Morris’ outsider message, deep pockets make him a contender Sen. Neil Riser, R-Columbia, may have had a head start in the 5th Congressional District race, but Rep. Jay Morris, R-Monroe, is the first candidate up on TV in the compressed election campaign. With only three weeks to go until the start of early voting, […]

Morris: Running as an Outsider with Much Ground to Make Up

Whereas former Congressman Clyde Holloway, in his 13th run for public office, is well-known throughout the sprawling 5th District, Rep. Jay Morris faces a steep name recognition curve before he can vie for a runoff spot against his better-known GOP rivals. To overcome that, Morris aims to flood the Monroe and Alexandria markets with TV […]

Governor Needs New Member on BESE

The incoming president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Stephen Waguespack, tells LaPolitics that he has officially stepped down from the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. “I really enjoyed it and thought it was a very rewarding experience,” he said. Waguespack is set to take over LABI Monday morning. He will also […]

On the Rail Again

The Louisiana Intrastate Rail Compact was approved by the Legislature more than three years ago, during which time there’s been very little movement on the side of government, due largely to Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden and the Metro Council taking its time to appoint members. The New Orleans City Council, for its part, immediately […]

The Future of LABI

Independence is concern as board votes on new president Members and staff of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry gather for a party Thursday evening to honor Dan Juneau on his last day as president of the leading lobbying organization. But will it really be his last day? When it meets Friday, LABI’s board […]

Privatization Draws Business Closer to Governor

The succession unfolds within a changing political environment where LABI must find its place. Members have always prided themselves on the group’s record of independence, whether supporting or opposing the positions of Louisiana’s powerful governors. For instance, though it was Gov. Bobby Jindal’s major ally on his education agenda last year, LABI’s opposition dealt a […]