Sponsored: The Spirit Of Metanoia

Metanoia is an ancient Greek word meaning “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self and way of life.” But in an undisclosed haven in the greater Baton Rouge area, Metanoia is also a place where healing happens for victims of human trafficking. Metanoia Manor is a cause that captured the heart of The Picard […]

Sponsored: A Little Bit Beltway, A Little Bit Bayou

Paige Hensgens Hightower has the best of both worlds – a little bit Beltway and a little bit bayou. Her love for Capitol Hill and her heart for Acadiana have found a middle ground in the work she does for The Picard Group. The Lafayette native began working for TPG in 2014 and now serves […]

SPONSORED: Experience Is The Best Teacher

Experience is the best teacher. Louisiana-native Emily Bacque has learned the truth behind this adage after much experience in the nation’s capital. Hailing from Lafayette, The Picard Group’s director of federal affairs caught the political bug in her home state when her father served in the state legislature. She’s been a devotee to the political […]

SPONSORED: Monroe’s Can-Do Culture

Monroe, Louisiana, is a city where innovation, entrepreneurship and a “can-do” culture form the foundation for success that many outside the area may not realize at first glance. However, a closer look at the vitality of the region, from the mammoth tech company of CenturyLink to three major hospitals, a host of higher education offerings […]

HIGH ALTITUDE: About The FAA Reauthorization… (Sponsored)

Innovation in aviation regulation has come to a halt as Congress continues to grapple with whether to privatize air traffic controllers. While the FAA will be funded, and both travelers and industry employees are not expected to feel changes, the extension to keep the Federal Aviation Administration rolling will likely be brief, according to Emily […]

SPONSORED: Happy Birthday, Governor!

As Gov. John Bel Edwards prepares to celebrate his 51st birthday Saturday, The Picard Group joins his friends, family, supporters and other Louisianans to wish him a year of health, happiness and wisdom. Tyron Picard, principal of TPG, practiced law with Edwards’ father from 1990 through 1995. “Gov. Edwards was in the Army at the […]

SPONSORED: Chomp! Another LegisGator In The Books…

Last week more than 800 legislators, supporters, lobbyists, business leaders and others involved in the political realm gathered for LegisGator – a regional event in Lake Charles that connects business leaders and lawmakers from the state and federal level. The Chamber SWLA’s LegisGator luncheon at L’Auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles offers a unique platform […]

SPONSORED: What Drives Mike Michot

Mike Michot’s love for public service runs deep. His connection to politics and the political process can be traced back to roots even older than he is. As summer closes, the Senior Director of State Affairs at TPG offers insight about what drives his work in the political arena and what he sees as the missing […]


Before Southside High School in Youngsville opened its doors this August, nearly 50 years had passed since a new high school was built in Lafayette Parish. Back then, the city of Youngsville was still a village — much different from the thriving community it is now with nearly 700 students enrolled in the city’s first public […]

Sponsored: The Life of A Congressman On “Break”

Congress breaks for recess each August. For many Members of Congress, the hiatus is anything but a break from their duties. Just ask former long-time Congressman Rodney Alexander who represented 24 of the 64 Louisiana parishes in Washington, D.C. Alexander is now The Picard Group’s senior director of federal affairs and spends much time in […]