Bourbon, Basketball and Budgets: F. King Alexander Speaks

For the 60th episode of The LaPolitics Report podcast, LSU President F. King Alexander sits down for an in-depth discussion about his life, career in academia and tenure at Louisiana’s flagship university.  In an entertaining and revealing interview, Alexander talks about his experience growing up around college campuses as the son of a professor and […]

POD: Our Ex-Cop-Gone-Congressman

Next month will mark Congressman Clay Higgins’ first full year of serving in U.S. House. We talked to Higgins on the pod back in the spring, when he was probably the least-known member of the Louisiana delegation who made the biggest splash with an unpredictable victory during the 2016 cycle. The ex-cop-gone-congressman is also an […]

PODCAST ROYALE: Edwards vs. Landry

Sen. Dan Claitor calls them “The Odd Couple.” Although he comically stops short of identifying who is Oscar Madison and who is Felix Unger. He’s talking about Gov. John Bel Edwards and Attorney Gen. Jeff Landry, neither of which can seem to lock up on a piece of litigation without locking horns with each other. […]

POD: Getting to Know Eric LaFleur (Again)

Remember when Sen. Eric LaFleur ran a campaign commercial entirely about ducks? (Or, as he calls them, les canards.) The first episode of this most recent season of The LaPolitics Report featured LaFleur on the opening day of the 2017 regular session discussing that campaign ad and much more. At the time, he was still predicting that the […]

POD: The Jambalaya Episode

John Diez, the PAC director for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, stops by to discuss what you need to make the perfect jambalaya, from the equipment to the ingredients. He also talks about the 2019 election cycle, reveals some big news about LABI’s political operations and shares what it was like growing up […]

POD: Dardenne Goes To The Hoop

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne is this week’s guest on The LaPolitics Report podcast. He reveals how close he came to walking on LSU’s basketball team, reflects on his 2015 race for governor and of course weighs in on next year’s fiscal cliff. Plus we kick off this episode with a few songs that were topping the […]

POD: The Stylist & The Coroner

SEASON 2, EPISODE 14: THE STYLIST & THE CORONER Go to two very different corners of Louisiana politics in this episode with stylist Kelly Kane and East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner Beau Clark.  What colors should a politician wear on TV?  How does death and politics collide on the ballot?  Kane and Clark, in separate […]

POD: The World According To Billy

SEASON 2, EPISODE 13: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BILLY Get inside the mind of Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser with this episode of The LaPolitics Report podcast. It’s Nungesser unplugged and unedited! From his family history in Louisiana politics to his own more recent history on cable news, Nungesser lets loose on his wild climb to […]

PODCAST: Governors & Money

SEASON 2, EPISODE 12: GOVERNORS & MONEY In her very first public interview, Allee Bautsch Grunewald explains how she became Bobby Jindal’s fundraiser and what the money landscape looks like today. We also develop a list of funding sources for political candidates and determined that there are roughly six very basic categories. This is nearly everything you […]

Journalism, Politics & Hand Grenades

The Advocate’s Stephanie Grace talks about the fine line between news and opinion and takes a deep dive on the writing process. She also dishes on the fall elections in New Orleans, from mayor to sheriff. Politics and punditry are on parade in this episode! Plus a little history lesson on the Hand Grenade. (The […]