Gubernatorial Candidates Talk About Lieutenant Governor

Gubernatorial Candidates Talk About Lieutenant Governor

LaPolitics asked all four of the major gubernatorial candidates what role the next lieutenant governor would play in their administration if they were elected. They were also asked if they prefer one of the candidates over the others. But none voiced a preference or were willing to announce an endorsement. Only Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne […]

Qualifying Dates Create Problems

There are only 44 days between the close of qualifying on Sept. 10 and the primary election on Oct. 24. That’s a little over six weeks to run a professional campaign knowing the full field of candidates. For folks who make a living off of politics, that timeframe is driving them crazy. Campaign managers are […]

Self-Financing Becoming A Trend This Election Cycle

Self-Financing Becoming A Trend

It’s not unheard of to have a self-financed candidate in a major Louisiana campaign. But to see seven statewide candidates, including one incumbent and a regional officeholder, dipping into their own pockets during the same reporting period is somewhat unusual. Coming off of an aggressive U.S. Senate race last year and having to compete with […]

Vitter Campaign Goes Up On TV

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Luke Bolar, a spokesperson for the Vitter campaign, said the spot goes statewide Thursday. More specifics coming in tomorrow’s issue of LaPolitics Weekly for subscribers. UPDATE… The video previously uploaded to YouTube and embedded here has been removed from David Vitter’s video page. But it can still be viewed here:

GOP Followup Endorsements Not Expected

Roger Villere, chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party, said it’s doubtful the party will endorse other statewide candidates for office in the wake of the big nod it doled out recently in the attorney general’s race. “I don’t see a big movement for endorsements,” he said. “But it could happen. People could organize.” That’s how […]

Maness Eyes U.S. Senate Seat, Preps PAC

After building a political career out of a novice run for the U.S. Senate last year, retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness of Madisonville told LaPolitics he may be ready to do it again in 2016. “I’ve told Sen. (David) Vitter that I’m extremely interested in the Senate seat if he wins for governor and […]

Sheriffs Deny Vitter On Early Endorsement 

After speaking to some personally and texting more, U.S. Sen. David Vitter was unable to convince enough sheriffs to issue an early endorsement for his gubernatorial campaign during their annual convention in Shreveport last month. The text message obtained by LaPolitics and confirmed as authentic by the Vitter campaign suggested to sheriffs that waiting to […]

Outside Players Flocking to Legislative Races

Given the treacherous tax votes that state lawmakers took during this year’s regular session, many now find themselves on the defensive as the fall election season kicks into high gear. Long-timers have certainly been in such a position before, but it’s doubtful they’ve ever had to deal with so many outside players and special interests […]

Former Lawmaker To Appeal Party Ruling

District Judge David W. Arceneaux ruled on Friday that a candidate running in state House District 52 will not be allowed to appear on the Oct. 24 ballot as both a Republican and a Democrat. Former state Rep. Damon Baldone of Houma was pursuing the dual registration because he felt his constitutional rights were violated […]

Former Lawmaker Wants To Dual Register As GOP, Dem

Former Lawmaker To Appeal Party Ruling

Former state Rep. Damon Baldone attempted to change his party affiliation to both Democrat and Republican — a dual registration — on Monday morning with the Terrebonne Parish Registrar of Voters, but was refused and he is now taking the matter to court. (THE LAWSUIT CAN BE VIEWED HERE.) Depending on how the 32nd Judicial […]