SPONSORED: Franco-Fête 2018 Fundraising Luncheon For Scholarship Program Of CODOFIL

Each year, Franco-Fête raises funds to support French education in Louisiana, especially through La Fondation Louisiane’s “Escadrille Louisiane” scholarship program which allows dozens of Louisiana students to study in France (Brittany, Martinique, and Guadeloupe), before pursuing their careers as teachers in immersion schools across the state. CODOFIL, the Council for the Development of French in […]

The Tuesday Tracker (Sponsored By Harris DeVille & Associates)

September 18, 2018 — Issue No. 158 By Jeremy Alford (JJA@LaPolitics.com) & Mitch Rabalais (Mitch@LaPolitics.com)  HAPPENING NOW LATE AFTERNOON COURT DECISION Bringing DARK $$$ into the light! Political ramifications possible in Looziana! This is your top Toozday political story!  The Washington Post Political nonprofits must now name many of their donors under federal court ruling after Supreme […]

CAPITOL GAINS: Does Louisiana need a lieutenant governor?

You’ve really need to watch this interview. From being mistaken for Coach O and fielding attacks from fellow Republicans, to why John Goodman should portray him in a movie and why movie tax credits are important, this week’s guest tackles a wide variety of topics. Are tax dollars being wasted on tourism? Does Louisiana really […]

SPONSORED: The Picard Group

A Rare WEDNESDAY Tracker!

Five questions for JBJ at 86, a giveaway contest, forgotten history, AG versus JBE, more “Chatter” and some rather important birthdays (no fooling).

SPONSORED: Successful LegisGator Event Honors Lawmakers

On August 24, more than 800 legislators, business leaders, supporters, lobbyists, and others involved in the political realm gathered at L’Auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles for LegisGator – a regional event that connects business leaders and lawmakers from the state and federal level.    The Chamber SWLA’s LegisGator luncheon offers a unique opportunity to […]

SWAMPERS & SWORDS: Alford’s late summer’s ode to Louisiana’s cities, towns, & villages

SWAMPERS & SWORDS Alford’s late summer’s ode to Louisiana’s cities, towns, & villages IF YOU’RE GOING TO DIVE into a review of Louisiana’s municipalities, you may as well attack it alphabetically, from Abbeville to Zwolle. But you already knew that. Starting with Pine Prairie, for instance, and ending with South Mansfield would neglect the likes […]

Rabalais’ Political History: Wade O. Martin & the creation of the modern SOS office

In 1956, an epic power struggle between two political giants forever changed the scope of statewide elected offices in Louisiana. The tug-of-war pitted then-Gov. Earl K. Long, who always liked a good fight, against Wade O. Martin, the bookish, bespectacled, bow tie-wearing secretary of state. According to Earl K. Long: The Saga of Uncle Earl […]

ALFORD: You Want Mayors? We’ve Got Mayors!

ALFORD’S SYNDICATED OPINION COLUMN You Want Mayors? We’ve Got Mayors! Fake mayors, real mayors, convicted mayors, interim mayors, cartoon mayors & wannabe mayors Quick! Think of the names of four fictional mayors. I’ll do the same. (No, there aren’t any other rules. Just select your make-believe characters from books, movies, song or any other medium.) […]


The Louisiana Lottery is about to have some competition. The Mississippi Legislature voted this afternoon to create a lottery there. Gov. Phil Bryant, who called the a special session to consider the issue, has indicated that he will sign the bill, meaning Alabama would be the sole Southern state without a lottery. Melinda Deslatte (@MelindaDeslatte): […]