SPONSORED: Working Together To Revive A 40-Year-Old Educational Program

Another win for Lafayette and UL Lafayette! After closing 40 years ago, UL Lafayette’s lab school is another step closer to being revived.  A lab school is an experimental teaching institution where teachers test new methods of pedagogy. Since these schools are usually associated with private or public colleges, it provides an opportunity for collegians to […]

WEEKLY: Senate Isn’t Only Chamber Facing Change

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on June 21, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today!    With the 2019 cycle approaching, Republicans are poised to make gains and continue growing their majorities in both chambers of the Legislature.    The GOP may not […]

WEEKLY: Know Your Congressional Districts

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on June 21, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today!    The races are getting closer and the list of hopefuls is getting longer (for some districts, at least). If you haven’t caught up in awhile, don’t […]

Alford: A Memorandum From The Other Side

A MEMORANDUM FROM THE OTHER SIDE We hope this edition of The Tracker finds you rested and peaceful. If not, hurry and catch up. Because we at LaPolitics have emerged from our three-week publishing break refreshed like a newly-baptized preacher. We’re ready to get back to work and are enthusiastic as ever about Louisiana politics […]

PolitiSigns, Adam Chapman & An Industry Update

Nothing declares election season is underway in Louisiana like campaign signs. And they’re starting to sprout up everywhere, from country byways to busy city intersections. For a touch more perspective, we had a quick email exchange with Adam Chapman of Politisigns.com recently to see what’s brewing on the sign front… LaPolitics: With races underway everywhere from Eunice […]

Alford: Assumptions Are Dangerous In Governor’s Race

With 2018’s session-palooza out of the way (hopefully), Gov. John Bel Edwards can begin focusing on re-election. He’s not on the ballot until next fall, but for all practical purposes Edwards has been in campaign mode since his last bid ended in 2015. Such is the non-stop nature of modern elections, and such are the […]

Q&A With Bob Livingston: “Republicans Are Going To Keep Control”

LaPolitics staff writer Mitch Rabalais: You were in the House leadership during Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton. What is your take on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election? Former Congressman Bob Livingston: “Well, other than the fact that they’re both special counsels, I’m not sure that there is a lot of commonality. Ken […]

Rabalais: Louisiana’s First Congresswoman

On October 16, 1972, the political orbits in both Louisiana and Washington, D.C. were shocked by the sudden disappearance of then-House Majority Leader Hale Boggs. Boggs had been campaigning for a colleague’s re-election in Alaska when his plane went missing. Military efforts to find the aircraft were unsuccessful after a 39-day search. While the search […]


— Special Assistant to the Governor Micah Cormier (@micahjcormier): “@LouisianaGov and @Coach_EdOrgeron spent the afternoon together in NOLA and a random person walked up and says “Hello Governor” and then looks over at Coach O and says “Hello Lt. Governor @BillyNungesser” Proves in LA, politics is a sport!” — Sen. Beth Mizell has been elected […]

Gamard: Hellish Helsinki & What Your Congressmen Said

If you need a refresher: President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met behind closed doors in Helsinki, Finland to discuss international issues such as Syria. Afterwards, the two powers held press conference. Prompted by reporters, Trump initially did not provide a concrete answer on whether he sided with Putin or members of his […]