LABI’s First Round of Endorsements


The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry has released its first round of incumbent endorsements for this fall’s legislative races. To see the names of lawmakers in the first round, click the appropriate PAC designation for their region below. NORTHPAC SOUTHPAC WESTPAC EASTPAC

SPECIAL REPORT: Part 3 – The Money Game

Part 3 in a series of 3. Read parts one and two.  Candidates cannot directly solicit money for the super PACs supporting them, but several donors have told LaPolitics that they have received soft pitches for the groups’ missions this cycle from candidates. The practice is allowable, as is the attendance of candidates at super PAC […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Part 2 – What Amounts to Coordination?

Part 2 in a series of 3. Part one. Part three. While illegal coordination between a campaign and super PAC may be difficult to prove, the first such federal criminal case was successfully prosecuted last month when the campaign manager for a failed congressional candidate admitted to helping a super PAC he had a hand in creating […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Part 1 – Louisiana Campaign Money Rules Being Tested

SPECIAL REPORT: Part 3 – Super PACs and the Money Game

Part 1 in a series of 3. Part two. Part three. For the first time in the long history of Louisiana politics super PACS are poised to play a defining role in statewide elections as nearly every candidate for governor has an independent money group backing their efforts. With barely any state guidelines in place, the […]

Anti-union policy push will be revived

As Louisiana proponents of legislation to ban automatic deductions of union dues from public payrolls look ahead to 2016, they’re trying to glean lessons from similar debates in other states this year. Like the Legislature here, which saw its anti-union bill stalled on the House floor after committee passage, legislators in Texas failed to move […]

House Leader Pushing New Policy Effort

State Rep. Lance Harris of Alexandria, the chairman of the Republican Legislative Delegation, has launched a grassroots policy effort called “Take Back Louisiana” to engage voters ahead of the 2016 regular session. He said his goal is to help fix the state’s structural problems, ranging from the budget and transportation to education and individual freedoms. […]

Freshman Congressman Steering Clear of Endorsements

While other members of Congress from inside Louisiana and out dish up endorsements for governor and attorney general here, as well as other races, freshman U.S. Rep. Garret Graves of Baton Rouge has remained quiet following his solid win in the 6th Congressional District. Those close to him say that may very well be the […]

Concerns Grow For Some Pro-Tax Republicans 

Some Republican lawmakers who voted in favor of tax increases this session are already worried about business interests and conservative activists recruiting opponents in their districts. But what about the Louisiana Republican Party? “I’m sure everyone had a good reason for doing what they did,” said Chairman Roger Villere. “But the party believes in smaller […]

When Vitter Surfaced This Session

When Vitter Surfaced This Session

In the past, U.S. Sen. David Vitter could be counted on to become an outside player in any given session, inserting his opinions through press releases and personal appearances. But as a candidate for governor, Vitter seemed to steer clear of the 2015 session. Except, that is, during the session’s final days earlier this month […]

Coroner Being Recruited For B.R. Mayor

Republican donors are urging East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner Dr. Beau Clark to run for mayor, but they’re unlikely to sway the up-and-coming politician. “Since I became coroner people have been encouraging me to look at the race and it’s flattering,” Clark said. “I’m honored. But I ran for coroner with a certain set of […]