SPONSORED: Christmas On The Hill

Christmas spirit and good cheer may abound this time of year. There are beautiful trees of gargantuan proportions tinseled and trimmed, and the White House takes on a merry façade. But it’s also Washington D.C.,  so the show must go on. The work on the Hill this tie of year often goes right up to […]

SPONSORED: First Lady, In Holiday Mode

First Lady Donna Edwards brings more than her beloved holiday décor to Baton Rouge. She also brings a familial tradition and a taste of her hometown, as seen in the details of the season, both big and small. The First Lady took out some time recently to catch up with The Picard Group, and to […]

SPONSORED: A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Despite the horrors of the day, the attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) shaped both the generation who survived it and their descendants for years to come. Emma Guillory of Lafayette knows this. Her grandfather, Birchman “BJ” Breaux of Lafayette was a Pearl Harbor survivor. His experiences that day and in the war that […]

Sponsored: The Spirit Of Metanoia

Metanoia is an ancient Greek word meaning “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self and way of life.” But in an undisclosed haven in the greater Baton Rouge area, Metanoia is also a place where healing happens for victims of human trafficking. Metanoia Manor is a cause that captured the heart of The Picard […]

Sponsored: A Little Bit Beltway, A Little Bit Bayou

Paige Hensgens Hightower has the best of both worlds – a little bit Beltway and a little bit bayou. Her love for Capitol Hill and her heart for Acadiana have found a middle ground in the work she does for The Picard Group. The Lafayette native began working for TPG in 2014 and now serves […]

Sponsored: Why The Rural Hospital Coalition Is Important

More than half the hospitals in the United States are rural facilities. But, singularly, the institutions lack the voice of their larger counterparts in metropolitan areas. Enter the Rural Hospital Coalition. A client of The Picard Group and an essential component in the quality of life of many living in rural Louisiana, the Rural Hospital Coalition, […]

Sponsored: Marrying A Heartfelt Cause

For most, finance may not seem like an endeavor of the heart. But, Natalie Domino Person is proof that marrying a heartfelt cause with well-honed expertise can produce soul-satisfying work. As director of health care services at The Picard Group, Person began her journey in finance at Louisiana State University, where she studied finance before […]

SPONSORED: Picard’s Pro Tips For The Breeder’s Cup

There is a singular exhilaration in watching a horse soar across a finish line — something that’s difficult to describe, a kind of majesty that’s even better up close. Tyron Picard knows this feeling all too well. The founder and principal of The Picard Group will experience it again soon when he heads to another […]

SPONSORED: Legatus In Louisiana

The intersection of faith and the workplace can be a challenge to navigate. And yet, there is an undeniable way that faith and values inform how leaders lead. The juncture of faith and professional leadership has inspired leaders like Tyron Picard of The Picard Group to find a home in Legatus. Picard is president and […]

SPONSORED: Tax Reform (& A Tax Cocktail)

Tax reform is one of the nation’s most polarizing issue. The topic is so vast and complicated that few even attempt to understand the array of options and changes. Even so, the U.S. could face massive restructuring at the hands of a Republican Congress. Former Congressman, Rodney Alexander, The Picard Group’s senior director of federal […]