The Beltway Beat

— Congressman Steve Scalise honored his security detail saviors from the Congressional Baseball game practice shooting at the United States Capitol Police Medal of Honor Ceremony. WATCH or READ — After that, Scalise talked recovery and gun control with Kasie Hunt on MSNBC. WATCH — MORE ON MOORE: “Louisiana’s two Republican U.S. senators responded with alarm Monday amid mounting sexual assault allegations and growing denunciations […]

Tough Night For Higgins, Richmond

This story was first published for subscribers to LaPolitics Weekly on Oct. 19, 2017. Wish you would have read it then? Subscribe now! Congressmen Clay Higgins and Cedric Richmond separately got involved in some high-profile races in the primary and both of them walked away with heavy losses, or at least some quizzical looks. In Higgins’ […]

The Beltway Beat

— U.S. Sen. John Kennedy: “If you try to design a more irrational immigration program than the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, you couldn’t do it. It’s stupid. It’s nonsense on a stick.” READ or WATCH — Congressman Steve Scalise: “Right now, America’s dead last in the industrialized world because we have the highest tax rate. That needs to change. Let’s […]

The Beltway Beat

— Gov. John Bel Edwards and Health Secretary Rebekah Gee were at the White House last week to talk opioids with Trump. EDWARDS: The president’s [public health emergency] declaration will put more tools at our disposal, and will allow us to help more Louisianans who’ve fallen victim to opioid abuse. This is going to take time, and my administration and […]

LaHistory: War Of The Worlds

Yesterday marked the 79th anniversary (Oct. 30, 1938) of the infamous “War of the Worlds” live broadcast, when actor Orson Welles sent America into an overnight frenzy when listeners mistook the reading of H.G. Wells’ fiction for a real-life alien attack. It turns out that the broadcast had ties to Louisiana — beyond just the flood of […]