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The Tuesday Tracker Sponsored By Harris, DeVille & Associates By JEREMY ALFORD & MITCH RABALAIS February 26, 2019   |   Issue No. 177   |   JJA@LaPolitics .com   |   @LaPoliticsNow   |  “IT’S CARNIVAL TIME AND EVERYBODY IS HAVING FUN!”  As longtime readers already know, it is time for LaPolitics’ […]

Issue 1194

B y   J E R E M Y   A L F O R D   &   M I T C H   R A B A L A I S Issue 1,194                                         […]

Grumpy Elephants

Will nudging lead to pushing & shoving in governor’s race? If you’re willing to look closely, you may find this cycle’s gubernatorial election doesn’t quite yet possess a little bit of everything for the masses, but it’s starting to get darn close for political junkies. Consider the following: There are national-level ghosts that are simply […]

Your Money, My Money, Our Money

Those who say you can’t take it with you clearly haven’t met Sen. Francis Thompson, the Legislature’s second-longest serving member who’s among the few grandfathered into law regarding how candidates can spend certain campaign dollars. The quick-witted legislator has been fundraising or at least stomping on campaign trails since he was seated in 1975, adopting […]

Water Policy? Graves Digs It.

If you’re from Louisiana and you have a federal issue regarding water — the stuff you drink, the stuff that stinks, the stuff that ruined your living room or the stuff that’s eating Louisiana alive — then you need to slate a visit with third term Congressman Garret Graves. He engineered many of Louisiana’s modern […]

Inside the Rails

—SD28/LAFLEUR/OPEN: Both House Democratic Caucus Chair Robert Johnson and Rep. Bernard LeBas tell LaPolitics that they will be candidates in this race, likely setting up a two way Democratic fight for a runoff spot. Despite months of behind the scenes angling for only one to enter the race, it appears that both intend to qualify. […]

Field Notes!

—The Republican Governor’s Association launched a new digital ad in the governor’s race, calling Gov. John Bel Edwards “Great for Texas, Bad for Louisiana.”  —Edwards released his own digital ad today, the second in his “Better Off” media campaign. In the ad, the governor talks about how the budget situation has changed during his term […]

They Said It (JNK Edition)

“Crazy never takes a vacation up there. As bad as it looks on the outside you ought to see it from the inside.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, on Washington, D.C., in The News-Star “If we keep losing people in Louisiana the average age is going to be deceased.” —Kennedy, on out migration, in The News-Star  […]

They Said It (JBE Edition)

“The fiscal cliff is dead. It’s gone.” —Gov. John Bel Edwards, on the state’s financial situation, in The Times-Pic “There’s a little gamesmanship going on.” —Edwards, on the REC, on Ask the Governor  “Take a deep breath.” —JBE campaign manager Richard Carbo, responding to a tweet from Abraham campaign manager John Vick, on Twitter 

They Said It (One More for the Road)

“The things that you find when you look under the hood.” —Sen. Sharon Hewitt, on dedicated funds, on WAFB