Scalise: No Way Means No Way

According to three different sources, Whip Steve Scalise, even after he told reporters on the record he had no intentions of running for governor this year, was asked recently by key advisors and national influencers to give a bid back home just a little more thought. Friends and colleagues insist Scalise did just that, over […]

Here a Forum, There a Forum

If you recall early 2015 (and if you didn’t, you weren’t really living it), there had already been a number of public and private forums by now featuring the major candidates for governor, even if a few included former U.S. Sen. David Vitter on video. Not so much this go around. A number of associations […]

TSI: Our Regular Edition

 “I’m a United States senator and I represent the people of Louisiana on cable news stations across this nation.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, opening at the D.C. Gridiron Show, in The Times-Pic “They call me folksy. I think that means they’re surprised I have a college degree.” —Kennedy, on the media, in The Times-Pic  “I’m […]

TSI: Crawfish Clemency Edition

“What better way to celebrate our culture and heritage than to grant Clyde his freedom before he ended up on a tray in a restaurant or a backyard boil.” —Lt. Gov Billy Nungesser, on pardoning a crawfish, in The News-Star “Turkeys shouldn’t be the only animals to get a second chance.” —Nungesser, on pardoning a […]

The Tuesday Tracker, Sponsored by Harris, DeVille & Associates

   By Jeremy Alford & Mitch Rabalais    |    March 12, 2019    |    Issue 178    |    |    @LaPoliticsNow    |    Your Roll Call Guesstimating what a second term would look like for John Bel Edwards… Mike Strain wades into a sticky, icky, icky controversy… […]

Issue 1195

By   JEREMY ALFORD & MITCH RABALAIS Issue 1,195                                                     02.28.19 SELLING THE SALES TAX Centralized collections a priority for small business  The Louisiana chapter of the National Federation of […]

Selling the Sales Tax

The Louisiana chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business is lining up behind a constitutional amendment that would — over time and without definitive directives — create a centralized sales tax collection system in the Bayou State. While some details of the plan remain murky, the amendment’s purpose is clear. Rather than retailers and […]

All Eyes on Acadiana

With Acadiana on the gubernatorial map as a swing region, the Republican frontrunners are making major investments in the region and working on their Cajun accents. Incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards, meanwhile, would simply do well to hold what he received in the 2015 primary — he did particularly well in the western edge of […]

Cormier Takes Over at PJAL

The executive board of the Police Jury Association of Louisiana has selected Guy Cormier as its new executive director, effective March 1, 2019. He replaces the retiring Roland Dartez following more than 18 years of local government experience, including a stint as St. Martin Parish president. LaPolitics recently visited with Cormier to delve into his […]

Inside the Rails

—HD20/PLYANT/OPEN: Rep. Steve Plyant surprised many in Capitoland Wednesday when he announced his intentions to retire and not seek a third term in the House. Sen. Neil Riser says that he intends to run for the seat and join the ranks of lawmakers from the upper chamber heading across Memorial Hall. Catahoula Parish Police Juror […]