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   By Jeremy Alford & Mitch Rabalais    |   May 21, 2019    |    Issue 188   |    |    @LaPoliticsNow    |      Your Roll Call BESE member declines to seek re-election… John Kay talks gas tax and industrial hemp, CDB… A look back at Dave […]

Issue 1205

By JEREMY ALFORD & MITCH RABALAIS | May 16, 2019 | Issue 1205 | | @LaPoliticsNow | You’ve Been Trumped POTUS visit hit several political notes President Donald Trump’s promise of new I-10 bridge sort of stole the show when he visited Lake Charles this week. But several other stories, smaller in scope […]

You’ve Been Trumped

President Donald Trump’s promise of new I-10 bridge sort of stole the show when he visited Lake Charles this week. But several other stories, smaller in scope but just as politically interesting, have bubbled up in the wake of Trump’s swing through Louisiana.  The Cinderella story goes to Kirk Williamson, a Republican who is running […]

A Secret Ballot for Speaker?

Rumors are a dime a dozen in Capitoland, but buzz is building about a possible last-minute push by some House members to institute a secret ballot process for future leadership elections. If such a resolution is filed and passed, the House would then be situated to join the Senate next year in secretly electing its […]

Campbell Chasing Donations

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell isn’t on the ballot until 2020, but he’s certainly campaigning like a candidate on the button. He recently raised $200,000 in donations that you won’t see in a campaign finance report for a while. So far, Campbell has no declared challengers, but conservative community leaders back home are said to […]

Con-Con Commission On The Move

The Committee on House and Governmental Affairs advanced legislation Wednesday morning that could be a crucial first step in the calling of a constitutional convention. HCR56 by Rep. Franklin Foil would create a commission tasked with studying Louisiana’s current constitution and offering recommendations for the state’s governing document.  According to the resolution’s author, he has […]

Past is Prologue: Big John Makes a Big Promise

Late Gov. John McKeithen is remembered by many for his outsized personality and large stature, which earned him the enduring nickname of “Big John.” During his two terms in office, McKeithen was also regarded as the wizard of the Capital Outlay process, frequently delivering on big projects such as the Superdome.  But as much as […]

Landrieu’s Goal: The Governor’s Mansion

Yes…you read that right. A member of the Landrieu family, one of the Bayou State’s foremost political dynasties, will be on the ballot this fall in the governor’s race.  But no, when we say Landrieu, we’re not talking about Mitch, the former mayor of New Orleans or Mary, the former U.S. senator, or even Moon, […]

Q&A: Rick Ward & the Senate Presidency

LaPolitics: You have publicly acknowledged that you will be a candidate for Senate president in the next term. Have you started traveling around the state to meet with members and candidates yet?  Sen. Rick Ward: Pre-session, I met with a few and I’ve been meeting with some folks a little bit while we are in […]

Attorney Advertising Review Gaining Support

The House Judiciary Committee easily advanced legislation Thursday morning that would bring new scrutiny and oversight to the promotional practices employed by law firms. SCR37 by Senate President Pro-Tem Gerald Long would have both the state Supreme Court and Louisiana Bar Association study the existing advertising rules for attorneys and consider drafting new guidelines.  According […]