You ain’t nobody in Louisiana politics until somebody works for you.  And there are plenty of people being hired by the five major candidates for secretary of state right now. It’s the only statewide election on the fall ballot, so presumably that’s where the money will show up. Presumably. All of the top contenders already have […]

THAT NEW POLITICS SMELL: New candidates, new hires, new reporters & new money

THAT NEW POLITICS SMELL New candidates, new hires, new reporters & new money Among the only constants that exist in tracking Louisiana politics is that everything changes, given time. Or money. Or the right number of votes. Or a federal indictment. For example, you probably wouldn’t have known what to say a few weeks ago […]

What Brought Landry To The Race?

You’ve probably read the coverage this week of Attorney General Jeff Landry’s on-again, off-again love affair with the idea of possibly running for governor. Landry’s name was on practically every list of 2019 candidates prepared by reporters in 2015, 2016 and some of 2017, but since then not so much. At least not until he […]

House Candidates Reap Nearly $10M

According to The Center for Responsive Politics, donors big and small have thus far contributed $9.7 million to the candidates and PACs targeting Louisiana’s six congressional districts. That’s a healthy haul for a late July-early August accounting. What follows is the first in an ongoing series of infographics explaining different aspects of campaign fundraising on […]

FISH ON! Tips For The CCA Legislators’ Invitational Fishing Rodeo, Plus More

FISH ON! Alexander Graham Bell, an island of Looziana legislators, loading the Labor Day starter pistol & other random info for this final-day-of-the-month issue ______________________________________________________________________ Bell, Not Bel We know from history (and The Simpsons) that Alexander Graham Bell assumed all telephone users would begin their two-way conversations the same way he did — with […]

ALFORD: The Millionaire Mythos & The Race For Governor

Is he in?  Is he out?  Does it matter right now?  Even if it doesn’t, the possibility of millionaire investor and political flirt Jim Bernhard buying into the 2019 ballot has supporters of Gov. John Bel Edwards buzzing. But not exactly panicking. Let’s start with what we actually know. Last week the team over at […]

JUST ADD JIM: Bernhard chatter shows delicate balance of governor’s race

Is he in? Is he out? Does it really matter right now? Even if it doesn’t, the possibility of millionaire investor and election flirt Jim Bernhard buying into the 2019 ballot has supporters of Gov. John Bel Edwards buzzing. LaPolitics has confirmed that Bernhard, the former chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, has been quietly […]

Robocall Regs Being Reviewed Nationally

State and federal enforcement agencies are receiving more complaints than ever about robocalls, which are commonly used in political campaigns as well as more shady business operations. In turn, that is leading to action by legislatures around the country, according to reporting by PEW’s Stateline.     Based on tracking by YouMail Inc., which also […]


— SD26/PERRY/SPECIAL: Sen. Jonathan Perry has a gavel and robe waiting for him after qualifying last week and Rep. Bob Hengens has t-shirts and signs ready to go for his bid in Senate District 26. Hengens has been out front in the race for months and he definitely has the head start. Plus, as of […]

JJA: 6 Things That Captured My Attention Today

  1.) A Group Of Fine Fellows I had the opportunity this morning to meet and chat with a group of 10 college students this morning from the governor’s new fellowship program. Participants are shadowing department heads, and a couple have been placed in the office of Gov. John Bel Edwards. They’re young, aggressive and bright. […]