The Old State Capitol is hosting a screening of “Herblock: The Black and White” on Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. The movie tells the story of Herb Block, a longtime cartoonist for The Washington Post. Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin has two new faces in his press shop. Brandee Patrick as his new public information […]

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PART 2 of 2: Lafayette-Style Leadership for Louisiana ON NOVEMBER 15, 2003, KATHLEEN BLANCO became the first women ever elected as a Louisiana governor. She was also the 23rd in America’s line — since 1975, when late Connecticut Governor Ella T. Grasso became the first woman elected who wasn’t the widow or spouse of a […]

They Said It

“Right now, Scalise is a bolt of lightning. If it goes the other way, he’s a lightning bug.”  —James Carville, on the Whip’s chances for speaker,  in The Advocate  “If he repeated, in an airport, some of the things he said on television,  they would put him in handcuffs or a straitjacket.”  —U.S. Sen. John […]

SWAMPERS & SWORDS: Alford’s late summer’s ode to Louisiana’s cities, towns, & villages

SWAMPERS & SWORDS Alford’s late summer’s ode to Louisiana’s cities, towns, & villages IF YOU’RE GOING TO DIVE into a review of Louisiana’s municipalities, you may as well attack it alphabetically, from Abbeville to Zwolle. But you already knew that. Starting with Pine Prairie, for instance, and ending with South Mansfield would neglect the likes […]

ALFORD: You Want Mayors? We’ve Got Mayors!

ALFORD’S SYNDICATED OPINION COLUMN You Want Mayors? We’ve Got Mayors! Fake mayors, real mayors, convicted mayors, interim mayors, cartoon mayors & wannabe mayors Quick! Think of the names of four fictional mayors. I’ll do the same. (No, there aren’t any other rules. Just select your make-believe characters from books, movies, song or any other medium.) […]

YOU’VE BEEN GRADED: LABI Releases 20th Scorecard

YOU’VE BEEN GRADED LABI releases 20th scorecard Much more than fiscal cliff was reviewed Marketing campaign linked to con-con push It’s that time of year again — when kids are back in school, the Tigers are on the field and legislators get their report cards. Well, it’s actually a scorecard — The Scorecard — and […]

ALFORD’S OPINION COLUMN: Dismissing Congressional Clout Concerns

Not too long ago, at least in reporter years, I was utilizing the space in this weekly column with some regularity to write about the loss of influence and clout in Louisiana’s congressional delegation. In doing so, I was probably repeating rather than reporting from Baton Rouge’s echo chamber. Cooler heads knew there was an […]

ALFORD’S OPINION COLUMN: An Official Con-Con Reminder

It has been three months since the Louisiana Legislature concluded its regular session without addressing the war cry for a constitutional convention. Sure, it passed a set of resolutions honoring the 45th anniversary of the 1973 con-con, but supporters were hoping for more of a forward-looking response. Opponents, as you could guess, were just fine […]

WEEKLY: House Candidates Reap Nearly $10M

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on August 2, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today! According to The Center for Responsive Politics, donors big and small have thus far contributed $9.7 million to the candidates and PACs targeting Louisiana’s six congressional districts. That’s […]

DuBos: “We Are Under Attack”

Shortly before a national poll found that a “plurality of Republicans want to give President Trump the authority to close down certain news outlets,” New Orleans journalist, editor and pundit Clancy DuBos warned his colleagues that the news industry faces tough times ahead. “We are under attack on several fronts,” DuBos said in his acceptance […]