They Said It

“It’s a bunch of hogwash.” —DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan on a false press release stating that the town had banned twerking, in the Picayune “They’re politicians. How can they not have political motivations? That’s the way the world works.” —Capital Area Transit System board member Kenneth Perret, on an open letter by CEO Bob Mirabito, […]

It’s More About Food Stamps Than Food

Farm Bill Comes Down To Food Stamps Again Most folks don’t realize that what’s included in the federal Farm Bill has the potential to touch every corner and affect practically all aspects of Louisiana, from the cornfields in the north and sugar cane in the south to insurance for all of the crops in between. […]

Scalise’s Political Force

**This article was originally published in Issue 949 of LaPolitics Weekly on Aug. 29, 2013. D.C. moves increasing clout for Jeff lawmaker With two fellow delegation members in the process of stepping down, Congressman Steve Scalise, R-Metairie, may be uniquely positioned to not only ramp up Louisiana’s influence on the Hill, but also become an inside […]

Pay of Nation’s Legislators Varies Greatly

According to the latest salary breakdown compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures, the annual base salary of a Bayou State lawmaker is $16,800. But that doesn’t represent total compensation. Lawmakers also get a $6,000 per year unvouchered expense allowance and a $149 per diem, which is paid out for every day of official […]

Louisiana is a Model for Gerrymandering and Partisan Politics

IVN – Louisiana is a Model for Gerrymandering and Partisan Politics Despite calling it a nonpartisan blanket primary election, Louisiana’s parties have used a basket of tools to institutionalize partisan politics. The ‘nonpartisan’ primary system they use, referred to as a ‘jungle primary’ by party pollsters because of its relatively negative ‘chaotic’ connotation, is sometimes blamed […]

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards considering return to politics

Times-Picayune – Former Gov. Edwin Edwards considering return to politics Edwin W. Edwards, the polarizing former governor who now stars in a new reality TV show with his wife, Trina, hasn’t yet thrown out the idea of returning to political life.

14 political races to watch in 2014

USA Today – 14 political races to watch in 2014 Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu has been called vulnerable in each of her three prior Senate races, and her fourth run is no different. Louisiana regularly votes Republican in presidential years, and Landrieu’s support of the Affordable Care Act has not helped boost her popularity. Her opponent, […]

Top Lobbyists 2013

The Hill – Top Lobbyists 2013 Among the thousands of advocates in the nation’s capital, only a select few have risen to the top of their profession to earn a slot on The Hill’s Top Lobbyists list. Some of the Top Lobbyists are hired guns who have proven to clients that they can shape the agenda […]

What’s Next for the Budget Reform Coalition?

For starters, the organization will continue to be referred to as the Fiscal Hawks, whether its membership likes it or not. “It’s funny,” said Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington. “We never asked to be called that.” Secondly, the coalition may be inching toward a 2014 agenda that includes the drafting of their own appropriations bills, including […]

Poll Focuses on Louisiana’s Marijuana Laws

A new poll obtained by LaPolitics suggests voters in Louisiana overwhelmingly support medicinal applications for marijuana and are increasingly coming around on the decriminalization issue. But while states like Colorado and Washington recently changed their laws to allow marijuana to be regulated and taxed, the political will in Louisiana still appears weak for any substantive […]