Pastors & Politics, Like Peas In A Pod

   In next week’s LaPolitics Report podcast that will be released Tuesday, Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum said a rather holy wave may be building for the 2019 election cycle. (Not only for the House and Senate, but possibly for at least one statewide race as well.)    “I have a number of friends […]

Alford: A Memorandum From The Other Side

A MEMORANDUM FROM THE OTHER SIDE We hope this edition of The Tracker finds you rested and peaceful. If not, hurry and catch up. Because we at LaPolitics have emerged from our three-week publishing break refreshed like a newly-baptized preacher. We’re ready to get back to work and are enthusiastic as ever about Louisiana politics […]

Alford: Assumptions Are Dangerous In Governor’s Race

With 2018’s session-palooza out of the way (hopefully), Gov. John Bel Edwards can begin focusing on re-election. He’s not on the ballot until next fall, but for all practical purposes Edwards has been in campaign mode since his last bid ended in 2015. Such is the non-stop nature of modern elections, and such are the […]

LOWDOWN: How A Podcast Gets Made

Here at LaPolitics, we like to use our videos and podcasts to teach you something you don’t already know. So in this week’s Lowdown, we’re taking a little break from political profiles and history lessons to provide some do-it-yourself advice on a multimedia must: making your own podcast. We know you’ve thought about it. So […]

Ronnie, Riverboats & Re-Election Campaigns

His father pitched for The New York Yankees before gaining his political chops in Bunkie, Louisiana, just like his son did. So who is it this week? Our guest is Sen. Ronnie Johns, and he recaps the regular session’s riverboat push that he led before speaking candidly about his plans to run for Senate president […]

ALFORD: The Capitol’s Dirty Little Secret

The governor of Louisiana is not politically omnipotent. (I’m referring to the storied position of governor, not the man or the woman who asked for the empowering votes.) And despite the campfire tales we grew up with down here, the governor of Louisiana is not the most powerful governor in the United States. Not even […]

VIDEO: Who’s The Man Behind The Tree?

When politicians want your money, the idea is bound to come up. “Don’t tax you. Don’t tax me. Tax the man behind the tree.” But who is the man behind the tree? LaPolitics’ Jeremy Alford teamed up with Greg Hilburn of the USA Today Network of Louisiana Newspapers to find out the truth — on the final […]

Cromer, Danahay & Edwards Not Playing

With Rep. Greg Cromer of Slidell and former Rep. Mike Danahay of Sulfur becoming mayors this year, special elections are underway in their House district backs home. But notably absent from the campaign trails will be Cromer and Danahay, who say they’ll be hands off. Gov. John Bel Edwards plans to do the same. In […]

CAPITOL GAINS: At Home with Clay

 “This is what America wants to see.” That was the promise from a beer-toting Congressman Clay Higgins in this episode of Capitol Gains. And, yeah, it’s indeed a must-see video!  With three guns (at least) and five dogs nearby, the man known as the Cajun John Wayne filled up an ice chest, lit the […]

Budget Timeline Ahead Of Schedule (Technically)

Despite the unprecedented eviction notices the Edwards Administration sent to nursing home patients, in concert with the other notes in this year’s gloom-and-doom symphony, this year’s budget process is technically weeks ahead of schedule.  The final legislative action taken on the budget this year came on Thursday, March 17, compared to June 16 in 2017 […]