Alford: Why LaPOLITICS Needs Your Help

A Personal Appeal from Jeremy Alford You may have heard about a fundraiser scheduled for next week (on Tuesday, March 27) for CC73, a nonprofit organization that’s overseeing the publishing of a book about the 1973 constitutional convention. It’s arguably the greatest untold story from Louisiana political history, involving one of the greatest generations of […]

Waiting on HB2

Louisiana’s annual construction bill is expected to be read into the House later today, kicking off a process that is just as riddled with unanswered questions as the state’s operating budget. Drafted by the Edwards Administration, hopes for new brick-and-mortar projects are being kept in check. Still, lawmakers are tracking local projects that have been […]

Alford: Looking for a Little Womentum

I was sitting inside Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge 11 years ago this week, holding my newborn daughter, Zoe, while watching then-Gov. Kathleen Blanco on television announce that she would not seek a second term. Like most others tracking election hopes at the time, I wasn’t surprised by the news. Blanco had been battered by […]


— Tuesday 03/20: Rep. Sherman Mack, John Williams, Tony Perkins, late Gov. Oramel H. Simpson (1870) and Blake Corley — Wednesday 03/21: Leslie Leavoy — Thursday 03/22: Former Rep. Chris Broadwater, Lauren Estopinal Chauvin, Jennifer Marusak and Jess Schmeeckle — Friday 03/23: Maya Lau — Saturday 03/24: Brent Roy — Sunday 03/25: Matt Moreau, Dennie […]

Governor Nearing $1M YTD

Before the fundraising ban of the regular session took hold on March 12, Gov. John Bel Edwards managed to raise nearly $1 million during the first 10 weeks of this calendar year, according to a spokesperson for his re-election campaign. February was actually the best month on record for the campaign in terms of online […]

Unanswered Session Questions

While there are a number of uncertain issues hovering over the heads of those shackled to the regular session, three of the most important involve how much money the state will have to spend next fiscal year, when the ongoing session will end and how the idea of a constitutional convention will fare on the […]

Legislative Watchlist – March 15 Update

— SD30/SMITH/OPEN: Chuck Owen, who is retired from the Air Force and serves on the Republican State Central Committee, is said to be looking at the seat. A resident of Leesville, local politicos say he could end up self-financing, should he need to. — HD93/MORENO/SPECIAL: Gambit and The Times-Picayune have endorsed Royce Duplessis. He also […]

25 YEARS: Let There Be Beer

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of LaPolitics, at the hands of late founder John Maginnis. Among other surprises in the coming months, we’re kicking off the celebration with a custom-made beer from Tin Roof Brewing Co. We traveled to the Baton Rouge suds-maker this morning to oversee the beginning of the […]

What’s Up With Session Stuff and What It Means for Politics and Stuff

1.) The news: Gov. John Bel Edwards is asking Speaker Taylor Barras and President John Alario to pass a resolution that sets an early or mid-May end date for the regular session, to make way for the year’s second special session. The translation: There are trust issues at the Capitol. So get it in writing. […]

A Conversation With Wildlife & Fisheries Secretary Jack Montoucet

Jeremy Alford: I do want to talk fees with you, but I have to ask…  Do you miss it (serving in the Legislature) at all? Secretary Jack Montoucet: Not at all. Nothing. JJA: What do you think’s going on out there? JM: I can’t even put my finger on it, Jeremy. It’s changed so much […]