LOWDOWN: Our Jailhouse Politicians

These days, it seems there’s always either a politician going to prison or getting out of prison. As the saying goes, half the state is underwater and half the state is under indictment. That’s why in this episode of the Lowdown, we’re catching up with our statesmen in stripes. Of course, there’s former Gov. Edwin […]


Get the Tuesday Tracker in your inbox every week.  Sign up for free. Previous issues are archived here. March 6, 2018 — Issue No. 134 By Jeremy Alford (JJA@LaPolitics.com), Sarah Gamard (Sarah@LaPolitics.com) & Mitch Rabalais (Mitch@LaPolitics.com) A CONVERSATION WITH HOUSE CLERK BUTCH SPEER Jeremy Alford: So… Now what? House Clerk Butch Speer: Well, it’s true that […]

Rabalais: Plaquemines Parish’s “Little War of 1943”

On June 1, 1943, the Sheriff of Plaquemines Parish, Louis Dauterive, died suddenly. Instead of an orderly transition amid a period of mourning, the sheriff’s death ignited an ugly conflict between Gov. Sam Jones and Judge Leander Perez, the parish’s undisputed boss. Jones and Perez were bitter political enemies, with Perez having little regard for […]

LOWDOWN: Louisiana’s Talented Politicians

We’ve finally reached the talent portion of The LaPolitics Lowdown. Which is fortunate. Because, believe us, you do not want to see all of the beauty that’s beneath some of our elected beasts. In this episode of The LaPolitics Lowdown we’re exploring some not-so-hidden gems of talent in our public officials. Yes, they can do […]

Rabalais: Rodrigue’s Reluctant Legacy

RABALAIS’ POLITICAL HISTORY Before George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog made Louisiana’s “I Voted” sticker a hot item, the late artist’s iconic creation had another significant impact on politics. After the historic gains made by Republicans in the 1994 midterm elections, two Louisiana congressmen, Billy Tauzin and Jimmy Hayes, joined with a group of fellow House Democrats, […]

TUESDAY TRACKER – ISSUE 133 – February 27, 2018

February 27, 2018 — Issue No. 133 By Jeremy Alford (JJA@LaPolitics.com), Mitch Rabalais (Mitch@LaPolitics.com) & Sarah Gamard (Sarah@LaPolitics.com) IS IT DEAD OR ALIVE? — The special session has come down to a matter of degrees. We already know relationships and negotiations are bad at the Capitol. But exactly how bad are they right now? — […]

LOWDOWN: 157 Years of Louisiana Flags

Hey flag freaks! We’ve got your hookup! Our latest episode of The LaPolitics Lowdown will take you on a journey through the Bayou State’s colorful flag history. Ever wondered why we have that line of flags in Memorial Hall? (Also known as the Rotunda to people who can’t tell the difference between a circle and […]

Uncle Earl, Charles de Gaulle & Winnfield

RABALAIS’ TUESDAY HISTORY In April of 1960, French President Charles de Gaulle, on a tour of the United States, stopped for a diplomatic visit in New Orleans. Unbeknownst to Le Président, he quickly found himself in thrust into the middle of the legendary political feud between Gov. Earl Long and they city’s mayor, DeLesseps Morrison. Long and Morrison were longtime […]

LOWDOWN: How To Be A Loser

When someone wins, someone else doesn’t. That’s why our latest episode of the Lowdown is about how to lose the right way in an election. We talk about the art of the concession speech. Yes, admitting defeat and telling your loved ones the news is hard. Just like it’s hard to make that congratulatory phone […]

Political History by Mitch Rabalais: When Duke and Shaq Clashed

In 1991, the LSU Basketball team was one of the best squads in the country. Featuring the nation’s top player, Shaquille O’Neal, the Tigers appeared poised to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. But as basketball season tipped off, it wasn’t exciting games in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center that drew national attention […]