Hilferty Baby In The Books

This is usually something reserved for inclusion in Tuesday Tracker, but it simply cannot wait. This week, on May 10, freshman Rep. Stephanie Hilferty became the first sitting lawmaker to give birth to a child during an active legislative session. Her colleagues in the House sang “Happy Birthday” from the floor. Best wishes to mother and child. […]

Weekly Lampoon

They Said It – LCA Senate Forum Edition

“For those of you who like political correctness, this might be a good time for you to take a bathroom break.” —Troy Hebert “I noticed my hair needed some of those natural blonde highlights.” —Caroline Fayard, upon looking into a mirror prior to the forum “Y’all ought to give them a raise.” —Foster Campbell, to the LCA audience, […]

They Said It

“Sometimes we suffer from mental constipation and we may need a laxative.” —Rep. Sam Jones, on the legislative process “Oh. LABI is against my bill too? That’s good.” —Jones “Thank you for that very fine speech.” —Senate President John Alario, to Rep. Jay Morris, after cutting Morris’ mic on and off “Finding a project in HB 2 is […]

Tuesday Tracker – Issue 54 – May 10 , 2016

Get the Tuesday Tracker in your inbox every week.  Sign up for free. Previous issues are archived here. TUESDAY TRACKER – MAY 10, 2016 – ISSUE 54 SPONSORED BY THE PICARD GROUP By Jeremy Alford (JJA@LaPolitics.com/@LaPoliticsNow Happy Tuesday, Trackers… I’m not sure if there’s an outbreak monkey running around downtown Baton Rouge or if we’re witnessing a sort […]

ALFORD: The Red-Headed Stepchild of Louisiana Budgets

You may know a thing or two about Louisiana’s operating budget, as found in House Bill 1. It underwrites practically every corner of state government. But did you know there are other budgets that the administration and Legislature have to deal with each year, like those for legislative services, the judiciary and supplemental needs? There’s […]

Issue 1,070

INSIDE: Funding TOPS still the plan… Corrections could take a hit… Hospital contracts may remain as is in HB 1… Capital outlay amendments uncertain… Louisiana love for Trump not unconditional… Higgins is the Senate wild card… Fleming goes up on TV… Maness responds… Attorney eyeing 4th District… Equal pay chatter… GOP party-ready for convention… Plus […]

Here Come The Big Bills

Budget, capital outlay amendments being drafted Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry told LaPolitics in an interview this morning that the amendments approved by his committee on Monday will likely result in a 6 percent overall decrease from the funding level requested by the Edwards Administration for the operating budget in HB 1. “We’re not going to fund every […]

HB 2: Feeding Frenzy Or Famine? 

Monday is also the day Ways and Means Chairman Neil Abramson will be overseeing amendments to the capital outlay bill in HB 2, before passing it on to the floor alongside the appropriations budget. Abramson said the process has been a “monumental task” that has added more scrutiny to proposed projects than ever before, which had […]

Full Republican Slate Not Behind Trump

Congressman Garret Graves was the only member of Louisiana’s Republican delegation on the Hill to not come out in support of Donald Trump yesterday. The letter — signed by both of our senators, GOP Chair Roger Villere, the majority whip and other congressmen — wasn’t so much a full-throated endorsement of Trump as it was […]