HOW ARE TAX COLLECTIONS? President & speaker offer responses

With new tax policies on the books, and given the holy hell the Legislature and Edwards Administration went through to create them, this week felt like the right time to check on the anticipated revenue. While we were at it, we also sought political forecasts from the men who hold the Capitol’s most important gavels. […]

TRACKER: Jim Out, Podcast In & Other News Of The Day

FOUR THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW Jim Out, Podcast In & Other Jazz 1.) BERNHARD: “I WILL NOT RUN” Will businessman Jim Bernhard run for governor? We asked that question in a recent issue of LaPolitics Weekly — after confirming meetings with at least two consultants — and now we have an answer. “Sometimes these things […]

IN THIS CORNER… Fight cards set for fall races, qualifying closed with a bang

IN THIS CORNER… Fight cards set for fall races, qualifying closed with a bang For an election cycle that’s expected to be bland, this week’s qualifying process opened up an impressive spread of statewide, regional and multi-parish positions — 68 in all. But that doesn’t mean there will be competitive races in all 68 elections. […]

Nungesser On Political Tickets, Term Limits

Candidates for governor and lieutenant governor should consider running on an old-fashioned ticket, and all other major candidates should watch their backs in 2019 (for a very specific reason), according to Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, who joined us this week for a taping of our CAPITOL GAINS talk show. In the episode that will debut […]

LaPolitics’ Legislative Watchlist

   — HD26/HALL/SPECIAL?: Rep. Jeff Hall is considering another bid for Alexandria mayor on the Nov. 6 election. That would presumably pit him against Mayor Jacques Roy for a repeat of the 2014 municipal election, where Hall garnered 34 percent to Roy’s 51 percent. “It’s not ruled out,” Hall said. “I don’t think it’s proper for me […]

“ON THE TABLE”: Business & industry feeling like special session’s main course

“ON THE TABLE” _____________________________________________________________ Business & industry feeling like special session’s main course _____________________________________________________________ State sales tax structure remains on the menu, and the two most palatable options are a sizable renewal of some part of the expiring penny or a raid on business taxes _____________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, opinion-makers lean hard on the Legislature _____________________________________________________________ “They […]

Alario Critiques House, Hearts JBE

Senate President John Alario opened up to Fox 8 News about his feelings on the House, Gov. John Bel Edwards and the state sales tax structure. As is usually the case, what Alario said is of some value to those following the inner workings of the Capitol. Here’s some of what he unloaded, per reporter […]

Field Notes!

— ONE LESS VOTE IN THE HO– USE: Rep. Gene Reynolds is now former Rep. Gene Reynolds, and he’s been on the job as the new state parks director for a few days. That also means you’ll be tracking one less vote in the House during the approaching special session. (Can you count to 104?) […]


LaPolitics: That final Finance vote in HB 1 was such a break from the session rhythm. Quick, unemotional and transactional. Was that intentional, did committee members discuss and endeavor that approach? Sen. Bret Allain: You mean when I ran the meeting? LaPolitics: The Finance meeting. Allain: Yeah. That’s just how I roll. There were no […]

“Members, It Is 12 a.m.”

It’s called a photo finish for a reason, not that the House, Senate and Edwards Administration would need photographic evidence to help sort through the overnight results. The year’s second special session came to a screeching halt in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, with the Capitol’s players and the state’s policy needs scattering under […]