The Beltway Beat

— U.S. Sen. John Kennedy to Gov. Edwards: “Top quality health care for our people is extraordinarily important. (No reasonable person has ever described Medicaid as “top quality,” but we can discuss that another time). So, however, are other things, like elementary and secondary education, higher education, TOPS, roads and public safety. The massive, unchecked spending increases in […]

Angele Davis For The State Senate?

When you run better than expected in a statewide race and pull 41 percent in your own Senate District 16 — against five opponents, one of which was swimming in money — chatter is bound to happen. LaPolitics subscribers are reporting it’s actually happening right now with former commissioner of administration Angele Davis, who’s being urged to […]

LaHistory: When The Majority Leader Vanished

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the strange disappearance of U.S. House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, a proud son of Louisiana. Boggs was last seen on Oct. 16, 1972, boarding a twin‐engine Cessna 310 that was making its way from Anchorage to Juneau. He was joined by the pilot, Alaska Congressman Nick Begich and Begich’s aide. […]

The Beltway Beat

— Lindsay Lohan’s parents want a lawsuit filed against U.S. Sen. John Kennedy for the “mini-bar” comment. Missed that one? Watch it here. — The Clean Power Plan is history. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced its repeal today. — HIGGINS: “The so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ was just another politically-motivated attempt by the Obama Administration to harm American energy producers through a vast overreach of regulatory […]

Political Chatter

— RELEASE: “During the October meeting on Thursday, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission opted not to vote on a proposal to give anglers additional access to red snapper during the fall of 2017.” — RED SNAPPER PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS. Congressman Garret Graves has released a new video-slideshow of Gulf state fishermen and their prize catches “to […]

LaHistory: An Unfriendly Month For Governors

Since 1828 there have been seven Louisiana governors who have passed away during the month of October, either while in office or later in private life. The past week or so actually marks the death of three: Thomas Bolling Robertson (Oct. 5, 1828), Pierre Auguste Charles Bourguignon Derbigny (Oct. 6, 1829) and Henry L. Fuqua (Oct. 11, 1926). Robertson was Louisiana’s […]

The Beltway Beat

— Majority Whip Steve Scalise returns to Congress and speaks on the floor. WATCH — The Scalise 60 Minutes interview (his first after he was wounded) aired Sunday night. WATCH — Congressman Garret Graves “knocks” President Donald Trump’s Jones Act waiver: “Anyone [who] thinks this waiver just solved the problem is confused. I’d argue that it just did more harm than good. We have […]

Political Chatter

— His former colleagues in the Legislature probably won’t dig it much, but John Schroder’s new (and likely final) campaign commercial will definitely catch the attention of voters. It depicts Louisiana politicians partying hard and stealing money and Schroder, a former state rep running for treasurer, playing the party pooper. Produced by media consultant Lionel Rainey, it’s likely […]

LaHistory: From France To Spain

Last week marked the 253rd anniversary (September 30, 1764) of France’s decision to officially unload the Louisiana territory to Spain. It was a real secret squirrel kind of a deal, with French officials keeping the colonists in the dark for two years. When France sent representatives to Louisiana to begin the process in 1762 they […]


________________________ By Jeremy Alford ( & Sarah Gamard (  September 26, 2017 — Issue No. 115 Once again the Tuesday news cycle was ruled by U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy. It was quite a day for him… — The Washington Post offered this headline for its regular PowerPost feature: “Bill Cassidy: The public face of a […]