— Tuesday 08/21: Terrebone Parish Councilwoman Arlanda Williams, Bryan Houston, Rob Landry, Nicholas Bouterie, Maris LeBlanc and Chelsea Bonnecaze — Wednesday 08/22: Josh Rounds, Preston Gill, Richard Thompson, Stephanie Cargile, Ellen Kennon, Jason Hebert and former Sen. Troy Brown — Thursday 08/23: Public Service Commissioner Lambert C. Boissiere III, James Baehr, Frank McMains, Antoine Pierce, […]


#HBD TRACKERS! — Tuesday 08/07: Former Gov. Edwin Edwards, Ryan Templet, Susan C. Freeman and Jacques Berry — Wednesday 08/08: Marylee Orr, David Cresson, Kyle Viator, Michelle Ward Ghetti and Mechelle Evans — Thursday 08/09: Rep. Cedric B. Glover, Will Green and former Sen. Sherri Smith Buffington — Friday 08/10: Dawn Fontenot — Saturday 08/11: […]


“People have been settling and opening businesses near water since Moby Dick was a minnow.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, in The Times-Pic “I’ve done everything I can to try to convince them, including but not limited to kissing a part of their anatomy. That’s part of my job sometimes up here.” —Kennedy, on Congress, in […]


— Tuesday 07/24: Rep. Katrina Jackson, Camille Ivy-O’Donnell, William Beau Clark, Chris Bond and Silas Lee — Wednesday 07/25: Tammy Dupuy Langlois, Shala Carlson and Taylor Smith — Thursday 07/26: Former Rep. Jeff Arnold and Joshua G. Hollins — Friday 07/27: Celeste White, Steve Maher and Randall T. Hayes — Saturday 07/28: Rep. John Bagneris, […]

WEEKLY Special Report: Put Your Name On It

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on June 14, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today! These days, a bill’s author is just as important as (or more important than) what’s actually in the bill. So we spoke with the authors of this […]

WEEKLY: Senate Isn’t Only Chamber Facing Change

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on June 21, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today!    With the 2019 cycle approaching, Republicans are poised to make gains and continue growing their majorities in both chambers of the Legislature.    The GOP may not […]


Get the Tuesday Tracker in your inbox every week.  Sign up for free. Previous issues are archived here. May 22, 2018 — Issue No. 145 By Sarah Gamard (Sarah@LaPolitics.com), Jeremy Alford (JJA@LaPolitics.com), & Mitch Rabalais (Mitch@LaPolitics.com) WELCOME BACK, CAMPERS! JBE pushing “tax cut,” urging voters to target Legislature… Lawmakers already predicting another special session… Speaker: Governor “set […]

JBE, Mitch & The Donald

This story was originally published in LaPolitics Weekly on May 18, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today! Not quite the three amigos, their political fates could be linked (in small but notable ways) Gov. John Bel Edwards is talking up his access to President Donald […]

ISSUE 1,162

THE RUNDOWN Prepare for 27 days of political reckoning… A closer look at the Capitol’s main warring factions… Conservatives eyeing $350M to $500M in new revenue… First big vote of special session goes against JBE… Lance Harris has the sales tax bill on the move… Negotiations criticized… Bruce Greenstein returning to the Bayou State… Edwards, […]

They Said It!

“I’m beginning to feel like I’m a special session specialist.” —Rep. Robert Johnson, his career options “I realized why Louisiana is shaped like a boot, because we are the ‘kick-the-can’ state.” —Rep. Barry Ivey, speaking in Ways & Means “I think kicking the can is an understatement. I think we’re putting off the inevitable.” —Rep. […]