PLAYERS WHO COULD BE MAYORS The 2018 municipal cycle may be defined by open seats, ex-felons & endangered incumbents It’s not unusual to see the residents of a Louisiana city or town bidding farewell to a longtime, influential mayor. There’s normally one such instance each election cycle, like Randy Roach detaching from the public rolls […]

RISPONE EYES GOVERNOR: B.R. Businessman Forms Exploratory Committee

RISPONE EYES GOVERNOR B.R. Businessman Forms Exploratory Committee Known best by the Capitol class as a soft-spoken, influential donor and philanthropist, Eddie Rispone may soon add gubernatorial candidate to his portfolio. Rispone, a Republican, told LaPolitics in an interview today that he has already formed an exploratory committee for the 2019 showdown that will feature […]

WEEKLY: Special Election Trend To Continue

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on July 19, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today! For those playing from their living rooms with the home edition of “The Legislature’s Revolving Door,” both chambers have so far concluded 10 special elections, including a single-candidate […]

JNK, McConnell & A $250K Haul

   How does $250,000 sound? That was the one-take take for U.S. Sen. John Kennedy at a recent New Orleans fundraiser. But the event’s headliner had as much as value as the checks being forked over.    Showing up to support Kennedy — in person — was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. While Kennedy has […]

LOWDOWN: The Price of Politics & Politicians

   What would you do for $16,800? Would you take a stressful, full-time job for $16,800 annually? Probably not. But guess who would? If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about legislative pay in this episode of The LaPolitics Lowdown.    While the pay might be meager, lawmakers also receive a pay diem, office […]


IT’S ALIVE! Reports of the budget’s death have been greatly exaggerated. New sticking point for special brings into question the call, Capitol relations & the session itself. Henry said it’s doable, Team JBE is calling BS & John Alario is worried & confused by “the games” Don’t snooze on this issue; it’s a big one. […]

Hashtag Louisiana: Social Media & Dan Claitor

For our season finale of Hashtag Louisiana, LaPolitics staff writer Mitch Rabalais interviews Dan Claitor, Louisiana’s state senator-turned-social-media-savant. We also take a somber walk through the social media graveyard. We also look forward – literally – to the future of social media, with five predictions from host Ira Wray, who wraps up the season with […]

PEAS IN A POD: Pastors & Politics

Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum thinks a rather holy wave may be building for the 2019 election cycle. (Not only for the House and Senate, but possibly for at least one statewide race as well.) “I have a number of friends who are considering running for office, a number of pastors from across the state […]

POD: Politics According to Alton

He’s a staple of Capitol life and an influencer in Louisiana politics. He’s lobbyist Alton Ashy of Advanced Strategies, and he’s our guest this week. A close ally of Gov. John Bel Edwards and regarded as the leading government relations pro for the state’s video gaming industry, Ashy discusses industry trends and where this term […]

The Governator’s Vetoapocalypse

What a difference two years make. Especially when it comes to Gov. John Bel Edwards and his veto pen. While the governor’s first six sessions came and went with just 11 vetoes, the last three have so far generated 12 vetoes, not counting line item nixes in budgets. That’s a significant bump for the former […]