ISSUE 1,165

THE RUNDOWN Cameron Henry raises the budget like Lazarus from the grave… Hearings may start Tuesday… The governor’s boosters aren’t amused… John Alario doesn’t understand “the games”… And staffers are steering clear of the matter altogether… We likewise have a special report from Mitch Rabalais & Sarah Gamard on the lawmakers who put their names […]


  These days, a bill’s author is just as important as (or more important than) what’s actually in the bill. So we spoke with the authors of this term’s leading tax bills — an interview process that took the LaPolitics team much longer than it would have just few years ago. That’s because permanent floor […]

LaPolitics’ Legislative Watchlist

— HD90/CROMER/SPECIAL: Stating that it is time for state government to put “solutions over politics”, Slidell attorney Brian Glorioso has announced his candidacy. “Louisiana has a wealth of natural resources and a rich heritage yet we remain one of the poorest states in the nation,” said Glorioso in a prepared statement. “The joke for years […]

Field Notes!

— THE REBUILDING PROCESS WILL BE TELEVISED: Rebuild Louisiana, the super PAC that has super strong feelings about supporting the re-election of Gov. John Bel Edwards, went up on TV today with a new commercial. (Check it out here.) The spot will be running in every market throughout the state as Edwards and lawmakers head […]

They Said It!

“We need a Snickers.” —Rep. Jack McFarland, telling his local chamber of commerce what the Legislature really needs “I miss Louisiana. There is a swamp up here. It’s a bad swamp. The swamps in Louisiana are good ones.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, on a potential run for governor, in The Advocate “It seems like we […]

WEEKLY: Know Your Congressional Districts

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on June 21, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today!    The races are getting closer and the list of hopefuls is getting longer (for some districts, at least). If you haven’t caught up in awhile, don’t […]

ISSUE 1,164

THE RUNDOWN The business lobby’s thinking on the sales tax question… LCA prez sees Walt Leger bill as a starting point… Special session call expected Friday… GOP has requests… Start date of June 17 or 18 likely… Staffers prepping governor’s opening speech… Twenty-five years of Burkenroad Reports… Very serious veto action… How the conference committee […]

The Making Of The Call

We’ll know tomorrow (Friday) exactly what Gov. John Bel Edwards has included in the call for the next special session. But for now there are a few hints floating around in the political ether.  The session is expected to start on June 17 or 18, likely the latter since Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17. […]

The LaPolitics Report: Meet Monty

This episode features Monty Sullivan, the president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, who provides a political read from the intersection of workforce development and education needs. Plus we dig into the audio archives for a look back at the beginnings of what we now know today as the Superdome. This installment of […]

LaPolitics Weekly Special Edition: FISCAL CLIFFHANGER

THE RUNDOWN Weekend action slated at Capitol… Sunday is budget-tax day on Senate floor… Sales tax amendments doomed… But the rate is still going up… Administration’s lobbying efforts questioned… JBE made big floor push for sales tax… GOP chair calls deal claims “false”… House committee chairs not voting in unison… Alario sees small signs of independence… Rev […]