ISSUE 1,167

  *** SPECIAL QUALIFYING EDITION *** A MIDNIGHT PRODUCTION *** _____________________________________________________________ The Rundown! Ardoin to qualifying processing: SURPRISE!… Third of major races already decided… Free passes for Greene, Hughes, Perry & others… But not our congressmen; they’re gonna have to earn it… SURPRISE 2.0: GOP flips House seat… An advance review of Bob Livingston’s forthcoming book… […]

Field Notes!

— Majority Whip Steve Scalise introduced a resolution yesterday declaring a carbon tax “detrimental to American families and businesses.” Similar resolutions have popped up in recent years, with Republicans agreeing that a carbon tax is “not in the best interest.” This time was different, since a “growing number of moderate or politically embattled Republicans trying […]

They Said It!

“If it’s a transformer, if it’s a line, if it’s mutant ninja squirrels — whatever it is in that area — there is clearly a problem there.” —New Orleans Councilman Jay Banks, regarding Entergy power outages, in The Times-Pic  “It is ‘Geaux Tigers’ 24/7 with Coach O.” —Edwards, on his friendship with LSU football coach Ed […]

ISSUE 1,166

THE RUNDOWN How their options whittled down to a single bill… What’s left on the table… Why one-tenth of a penny could make or break session… And some other things that make this special session especially stressful… John Neely Kennedy’s $250K haul… Gene Mills on the pod… Your full-time job that pays $16,800 per year… […]


THREE REASONS TO WORRY ________________________________________________________ Political fate flicks trio of tax bills ________________________________________________________ Oddsmakers grow grim over session’s trajectory ________________________________________________________    House Natural Resources Chair Stuart Bishop took his sale tax bill out behind the Capitol yesterday and that was that — it was his legislation and if it needed to die he was going […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Know Your Congressional Districts

   The races are getting closer and the list of hopefuls is getting longer (for some districts, at least). If you haven’t caught up in awhile, don’t worry. We took a look at each candidate for Louisiana’s six U.S. House district seats, each incumbent’s political artillery and each campaign finance report. We also made a […]

Senate Isn’t Only Chamber Facing Change

   With the 2019 cycle approaching, Republicans are poised to make gains and continue growing their majorities in both chambers of the Legislature.    The GOP may not be saying it yet, but is going to aim to pick off white Democrats in the House as they have been doing over the last two cycles. […]

An Important Reminder, In Five Easy Numbers

Field Notes!

  —- President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, who you know as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, will be raising money Monday for one of Congressman Clay Higgins’ challengers. But that doesn’t bother the Cajun John Wayne much, because he now has the endorsement of The Donald himself. In a statement released today, Lara Trump, the president’s senior […]

They Said It!

“We don’t need to rehash the tale of how we got here – we all know that by now.” —Gov. John Bel Edwards, in his address opening the special session  “We now have an Appropriations chair that is the same height as Michael Dukakis.” —Rep. Ted James, telling a story about the 1988 presidential election, […]