ISSUE 1,166

THE RUNDOWN How their options whittled down to a single bill… What’s left on the table… Why one-tenth of a penny could make or break session… And some other things that make this special session especially stressful… John Neely Kennedy’s $250K haul… Gene Mills on the pod… Your full-time job that pays $16,800 per year… […]

ISSUE 1,164

THE RUNDOWN The business lobby’s thinking on the sales tax question… LCA prez sees Walt Leger bill as a starting point… Special session call expected Friday… GOP has requests… Start date of June 17 or 18 likely… Staffers prepping governor’s opening speech… Twenty-five years of Burkenroad Reports… Very serious veto action… How the conference committee […]

The Making Of The Call

We’ll know tomorrow (Friday) exactly what Gov. John Bel Edwards has included in the call for the next special session. But for now there are a few hints floating around in the political ether.  The session is expected to start on June 17 or 18, likely the latter since Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17. […]

The LaPolitics Report: Meet Monty

This episode features Monty Sullivan, the president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, who provides a political read from the intersection of workforce development and education needs. Plus we dig into the audio archives for a look back at the beginnings of what we now know today as the Superdome. This installment of […]

LaPolitics Weekly Special Edition: FISCAL CLIFFHANGER

THE RUNDOWN Weekend action slated at Capitol… Sunday is budget-tax day on Senate floor… Sales tax amendments doomed… But the rate is still going up… Administration’s lobbying efforts questioned… JBE made big floor push for sales tax… GOP chair calls deal claims “false”… House committee chairs not voting in unison… Alario sees small signs of independence… Rev […]

LaPolitics Weekly: THEY SAID IT

“I didn’t write the Constitution. I’m just trying to follow it.” —Appropriations Chair Cameron Henry, during HB 1 floor debate “I’m trying to read it for you so you can understand it.” —Speaker Pro Tem Walt Leger, responding to Henry “I didn’t write it.” —Speaker Taylor Barras, to Rep. Katrina Jackson, who was questioning certain […]

Major Moves In SOS Race: Free announces, Werner out & JNK wades in

Like he did during last year’s special election for state treasurer, U.S. Sen. John Kennedy is picking sides again in the special election for secretary of state — by endorsing no one in particular and critiquing one person specifically. At the same time, the developing race has picked up its second announced contender, Attorney General […]

FISCAL CLIFFHANGER: A Political Melodrama Told In Three Acts

FISCAL CLIFFHANGER A POLITICAL MELODRAMA TOLD IN THREE ACTS How a failed sales tax bill set the special session’s tone, bridged a deep partisan divide and lit a badly-needed fire underneath Louisiana’s Capitol… Plus new revelations about the Senate’s growing independence, glimpses into where the governor is losing ground and answers to the lower chamber’s […]

ISSUE 1,161

THE RUNDOWN John Bel and Trump are homies… Mitch and Trump aren’t… Then there’s JBE and Mitch… The 106th First Lady’s Luncheon… Havard could be next… Budget timeline ahead of schedule… The tale of the tape on vetoes… And a politically honest assessment of a budget veto… Checking the special session’s chokepoints (again)… AFP targeting […]

Veto Chatter Grips Capitol

Will Gov. John Bel Edwards veto the regular session budget? The take around the Capitol is split, but the governor has been pulled into orbit of the building’s veto chatter this week. Which is surprising, since Edwards hasn’t made any real political bones by axing legislation. Former Gov. Bobby Jindal didn’t mess around when it […]