ISSUE 1,171

_______________________________ SPECIAL MAYORAL EDITION: Go local or go home… Because Tip says all politics is local… You know that… _______________________________ THE SPECIAL RUNDOWN: Slightly more incumbent mayors than usual vacating posts… 15 races to watch… Including two you should watch closely… Ex-felons target municipal CEO elections to test Supreme Court ruling… Some of the hottest […]


“It makes me realize how much I don’t like my army cot in DC.” —Congressman Garret Graves, on being home for the August recess, on Talk 107.3 “Thanks for teaching us a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” —Rep. Julie Emerson, on the death of Aretha Franklin, on Twitter “The superintendent’s evaluation was satisfactory for this year, as it […]

ISSUE 1,170

The Rundown! Rispone on 2019: “I’m thinking about running”… Gubernatorial exploratory committee formed… Opening doors through technology… The cash that counts for JBE… A rather unusual race in House District 90… DuBos tells journos they’re “under attack”… Fish tales & flying scales with CCA… Troy Hebert leads off our “Field Notes,” which are must-read this […]

Secretary of State Watch: War Chest Report

Field Notes!

— Former legislator and ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert is all smiles this week. The lawsuit against him, in his former capacity as commissioner, that was filed by a fired agent met its end in federal court Monday. The agent was reportedly terminated over racially charged text messages and payroll violations. Contacted for comment, Hebert said, […]


They Said It! (JNK Edition) “I don’t know what he (the governor) thinks they’re in prison for. It’s not for skipping Sunday school, I can assure you.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, on prison reform, on Fox44 “I’m looking for a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry.” —Kennedy, regarding his preferences for a U.S. Supreme Court […]

ISSUE 1,169

The Rundown! The AG is looking at JBE… And thinking, “I can do that job”… What’s the backstory?… Lots of SOS campaign hires… The first in an ongoing infographic series about federal campaign cash… “I will always be JP”… Conservative scribes want to expand into Capitoland… The governor’s popularity kicks off our regular “Field Notes!” […]

Field Notes!

FIELD NOTES! — Gov. John Bel Edwards is the sixth most popular governor in America, if you take into account Louisiana’s Republican lean. Without taking partisan lean into account, he’s the 24th most popular governor with a 49-35 percent approval-disapproval rating. Those numbers are according to a FiveThirtyEight poll and a Morning Consult poll, respectively, […]


“I’m thinking, ‘Man, I must be dropping acid.’ Not that I’ve ever dropped acid. But… for the record, I have not.” —U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, describing his reaction to committee testimony, on C-SPAN “There’s no doubt if I run I will beat John Bel Edwards, and you can tell him I said that.” —Attorney General […]

ISSUE 1,168

The Rundown! The hottest chatter (Gossip?) in the race for governor… Almost everything you need to know about Jim Bernhard… Robocall regulations being reviewed in other states… Acadian Ambulance coming to Ouachita Parish… Why JBE won’t thump Trump… ACLU monitoring officials on social media… An update on Senate District 26… Clancy DuBos kicks off our […]