House District 15 - Hoffman - Open 

Ouachita Parish Police Juror Scotty Robinson, who is an insurance agent, is looking at the seat.

House District 19 - Chaney - Open

East Carroll Parish Police Jury President Lee Denny intends to be on the ballot, as does Sen. Francis Thompson.

House District 20 - Pylant - Incumbent 

Catahoula Parish Police Juror Judy Duhon is shopping around for consulting help and starting her campaign. Rep. Steve Pylant is expected to seek re-election.

House District 21 - Anders - Open

Former Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland could jump back into politics as a candidate for this open seat.

House District 22 - Brown - Incumbent 

Contractor and small businessman John Stephens has said he will be running again. Rep. Terry Brown is expected to seek-re-election.

House District 32 - Hill - Open

Rep. Dorothy Sue Hill’s 2015 challenger, contractor and Police Juror Biscuit Smith, is getting ready for the 2019 cycle. Rep. Hill’s son, attorney Craig Ray Hill, is likewise looking at running for the seat his father previously held and that his mother has occupied since 1991.

House District 33 - Danahay - Open (Or Special?)

This race is categorized as an open seat, but it could very well become a special election if Rep. Mike Danahay wins his bid for Sulphur mayor in the spring. There are at least two potential candidates who have been telling supporters that they intend to run if that happens. They include Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Les Farnum and Sulphur City Councilman Stuart Moss.

— UPDATE (9.14.17) There’s a new name in this developing field. It belongs to Teri Johnson, a Democrat who heads the Calcasieu Federation of Teachers. Local politicos are trying to get her to gear up for the race just in case Rep. Mike Danahay wins his bid for Sulphur mayor in the spring. Other potential candidates include Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Les Farnum and Sulphur City Councilman Stuart Moss.

House District 38 - Lebas - Open

Local politicos are trying to convince Sen. Eric LaFleur to run, but nothing is official. Turkey Creek Mayor Heather Cloud may also be a potential candidate.

House District 39 - Emerson - Incumbent

Former Democratic Rep. Bobby Badon told those gathered at a Christmas party last year that he would be running. Speculation also remains for former Rep. Stephen Ortego, who lost the seat to the incumbent. Rep. Julie Emerson is expected to seek-re-election.

House District 48 - Barras - Open

Beau Beaullieu, a partner in CoSource Financial Group, is running and has been making the rounds at legislative events. Iberia Parish Councilman Ricky Gonsoulin, a sugarcane farmer, is telling supporters that he will run too.

House District 50 - Jones - Open

Librarian and former educator Allison Jones, the daughter of Rep. Sam Jones, is being urged by community activists to qualify.

House District 70 - Foil - Open

Republican Joe Britt, who works in the chemical industry, is considering running for this Baton Rouge seat.

House District 71 - Pope - Open

Local influencers are talking to Jonathan Davis, a former member of the Walker City Council, about running. He is the son of GOP consultant Rhett Davis and currently works for Rep. Valarie Hodges.

House District 77 - Schroder - Special

The business lobby was giving a close look to both retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness and Covington City Councilman Mark Wright in August. Both would be solid votes for that corner of the ideological spectrum, so it may come down to personalities and poll positions. Wright received the sole endorsement of the Greater New Orleans Republicans organization. The wild card is Lisa Condrey Ward, who has no party affiliation. She has the backing of St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister. Casey Revere, a justice of the peace, is also running.

— UPDATE (9.14.17): Covington City Councilman Mark Wright has been endorsed by CHAMBER PAC, the political arm of the West St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce, and of GNOR. He also has a new mailer that’s hitting the district today that includes an endorsement message from Covington Mayor Mike Cooper and his wife Catherine. (You can view it here.) Retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness, meanwhile, has been endorsed by Texas state Sen. Brian Birdwell and Mandeville Rep. Paul Hollis. Maness also commissioned his own poll on the race recently that is available on the blog section of WinWithJMC.com. It offers a strong suggestion to not take eyes off of Lisa Condrey Ward, a candidate with no party affiliation who has the backing of St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister.

— UPDATE (9.21.17) - Observations from local politicos and independent polling not made public show Ward strongly positioned to make the runoff against Maness, who finally has the upper hand in an election. Part of it may be from her notoriety as the owner of the Southern Hotel and she has certainly been helped by the backing of St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister. Wright, however, shouldn’t be counted out. The race, in many respects, is just beginning and there hasn’t been any significant spending from Wright, although locals are expecting to see his campaign featured more prominently in the district very soon. He has the support of the Alliance for Good Government and Covington Mayor Mike Cooper is said to be campaigning heavily to help out. Ward, for her part, may also be carrying a target on her back. Maness’ campaign has already put out some comparison pieces via mail on her background and it’s only a matter of time until others start asking more pointed questions about her former Democratic Party affiliation. Which is an interesting question to ask in a district that leans conservative as much as 77 does.

— UPDATE (9.28.17) - The Maness campaign released a “gator video ad” in the Covington area. It was enough to elicit a Twitter response from Richard Carbo, the governor’s deputy chief of staff: “Career politician @RobManess literally repackaged his '14 ad for #lasen into a '17 ad for #lalege. See '14 ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBNQBx6JOcw…” (The 2014 ad appears to be no longer available at that web address.) Meanwhile, Wright dropped a new video as well where he promises to balance budgets and fight tax increases. Ward got into the video game this week too with talk of lowering and simplifying the tax code.

— UPDATE (10.5.17): Attorney Lisa Condrey Ward, who has no party affiliation, is said to getting some unwanted attention in the form of an outside PAC that’s coming into the district to question her past support for Democrats. (Stay tuned for more on that.) Retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness, meanwhile, is promoting another internal poll (POLL DISCLAIMER!) while sharing a co-endorsement with Covington Councilman Mark Wright from the regional PAC controlled by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. As for who eventually makes the runoff with Maness, it may be too close to call.

— UPDATE (10.12.17) - The Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority’s new web spot features this tag: “We don’t need another John Bel Edwards puppet representing St.Tammany.” It notes that Ward gave Edwards a $5,000 donation and explains how the governor pardoned a man named Israel Ducre, who was convicted of murder in St. Tammany Parish. Then these words come on the screen: “We live in St. Tammany to feel safe.” It’s a theme LCRM is doubling down on. A direct mail piece scheduled to hit Saturday or sooner calls Ward a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who has mastered the art of “liberal bait and switch.” It even includes a letter to Ward that appears to be signed by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. (In smaller typeface underneath there’s this disclaimer: “**Not a real letter, but Lisa Condrey Ward is a Landrieu-type liberal.”) Some polls have showed Ward, a former Democrat who has no party affiliation, positioned to slip into the runoff behind Air Force Col. Rob Maness. Local politicos contend Covington Councilman Mark Wright is still in the fight, though, and he could be getting a bit of a boost from LCRM’s last-minute dive into the race. In related news, Maness received endorsements this week from Rep. Valerie Hodges, former Rep. Brett Geymann and former Sen. Elbert Guillory.

UPDATE (10.26.17) - The PAC for the Louisiana Home Builders Association has chosen to dual endorse in the state’s only legislative runoff. That means an equal tip of the hat for retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness and Covington City Councilman Mark Wright in St. Tammany’s House District 77. Others, however, most notably their primary opponents, are taking sides. Lisa Condrey Ward and Casey Revere, who collectively pulled 63 percent of the vote before being squeezed out of the runoff, have both endorsed Wright. This race could be a close one. The Maness campaign, for its part, thinks otherwise, though, and released an internal poll to its supporters and donors. (POLL DISCLAIMER)

House District 83 - Billiot - Open

Senate President John Alario has said he has not ruled out running for this seat.

House District 90 - Cromer - Open (Or Special?)

Rep. Greg Cromer is running mayor of Slidell in the spring, which could mean a special election before his term ends if he wins.

House District 93 - Moreno - Special

This election was just called for the March 24 ballot. Unlike the others we’ve seen over the past 22 months, this special legislative election will be different. It’s a coveted seat in the lower chamber, even statewide, that is home to the Superdome, French Quarter, Audubon assets, the WWII Museum and what may be more capital outlay projects than any other district. It’s a sophisticated constituency and definitely a full-time job. The seat, which was previously held by Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, will likely draw several contenders. So far, though, only one name has surfaced: Royce Duplessis, a local attorney who is civically and politically engaged and who at one time worked in communications for Entergy. For now, though, it’s still Rep. Moreno. She won’t be sworn in as a councilwoman until May of next year, which leaves plenty of time for the House leadership and other officials to figure out the best time for a special election. What may make the most sense is a March primary and April runoff, as needed, when there’s already a court of appeal race on the ballot for the area.

Senate District 8 - Alario - Open

Rep. Pat Connick is already fundraising and will be on the ballot. (Senate President John Alario is one of the people helping Connick raise money.)

Senate District 9 - Appel - Open

Rep. Cameron Henry is running and is raising money. The big question mark is Rep. Neil Abramson, who is being urged to consider the seat.

Senate District 10 - Martiny - Open

Rep. Kirk Talbot will be a candidate and he has secured Brent Barksdale to do his Senate campaign’s consulting and media.

— UPDATE (9.14.17) Rep. Julie Stokes, if she wants it, could be a prime contender — and some Republicans are hoping she does. Already committed is Rep. Kirk Talbot, who is also staffed up.

Senate District 11 - Donahue - Open

Rep. Reid Falconer is said to be considering the contest. Additionally, retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness is worth keeping an eye on, depending on how his bid in the special election in HD 77 goes this fall.

Senate District 13 - Erdy - Open

Rep. Rogers Pope is said to be forming a campaign.

Senate District 14 - Colomb - Open

Rep. Pat Smith will be a candidate.

Senate District 16 - Claitor - Open

Rep. Franklin Foil comes out of the gate as the early favorite, although some politicos are trying to get Ryan Theriot to run. Theriot was a standout at LSU who later played shortstop and second base for the Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Giants. Businessman Scott McKnight, who ran for the post last cycle, could always take another swing as well. There has also been some talk about attorney Gordon McKernan looking at the Senate seat, but it doesn’t appear serious. (For now.)

Senate District 20 - Chabert - Open

Mike Fesi, who ran for the seat last cycle, is said to be thinking about another bid. From the House, keep an eye on Rep. Tanner Magee. Others said to be looking at the race (from a distance) include former Reps. Damon Baldone and Lenar Whitney.

Senate District 25 - Morrish - Open

Rep. Mark Abraham has been encouraged to run, but there has been no official word yet from his camp. Homebuilder and Iraqi War veteran Jody Guidry is interested in the Senate seat too.

—UPDATE (9.14.17):Local politicos have been taking another hard look at Rep. Johnny Guinn lately. He could end up in the mix as well.

Senate District 28 - LaFleur - Open

Rep. Bernard LeBas could end up being a candidate.

UPDATE (9.14.17): Operatives are keeping a watch on Turkey Creek Mayor Heather Cloud. Rep. Bernard LeBas could also end up being a candidate.

Senate District 30 - Smith - Open

Rep. James Armes and former Rep. Brett Geymann are seen as possible candidates.

Senate District 31 - Long - Open 

Retired Natchitoches Clerk Louie Bernard is said to be making noise about having interest. But also keep Rep. Lance Harris on your list. Some influencers want him in the upper chamber, but re-election to the House could possibly keep him in a leadership position next term.

Senate District 32 - Riser - Open

Rep. Andy Anders would become the favorite in this contest if he makes the leap, and some LaPolitics subscribers from the area think it’s possible. The real question, though, is whether he can pull it off as a registered Democrat.

Senate District 33 - Walsworth - Open (Or Special?)

Rep. Frank Hoffman has a very healthy campaign war chest and is considered by local elected officials to be the favorite — if he decides to run.

— UPDATE (11.13.17) - Walsworth has expressed interest in running for mayor of West Monroe in March, which could mean a special election before his term ends.

Senate District 34 - Thompson - Open

Rep. Katrina Jackson is often mentioned as a likely candidate and some locals haven’t yet ruled out Rep. Bubba Chaney.

Senate District 35 - Fannin - Incumbent

Should this seat become open, and there are no indications that it will, Rep. Jay Morris’ supporters like the possibility of him getting into the race. Plus Sen. Jim Fannin’s 2015 opponent, Stewart Cathey, is said to be eager for another bite at the electoral apple.

Senate District 36 - Gatti - Incumbent

The recent defeat of Sen. Ryan Gatti’s brother, Robert Gatti, in a HD 8 special election could draw opponents to the freshman senator — even a possible challenge from Rep. Raymond Crews, who is quickly becoming a favorite of the business lobby. Sen. Gatti is expected to run for re-election.

Senate District 38 - Milkovich - Incumbent

Rep. Alan Seabaugh is giving serious consideration to challenging Sen. John Milkovich, who is expected to run for re-election.

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