FISH ON! Tips For The CCA Legislators’ Invitational Fishing Rodeo, Plus More


Alexander Graham Bell,

an island of Looziana legislators,

loading the Labor Day starter pistol

& other random info for this final-day-of-the-month issue


Bell, Not Bel

We know from history (and The Simpsons) that Alexander Graham Bell assumed all telephone users would begin their two-way conversations the same way he did — with a hearty "ahoy-hoy," rather than the monotonous "hello" that eventually caught on.

The Bell-endorsed greeting was extracted from the nautical term "ahoy," used to signal others from a great distance and Dutch in its etymology.

The justification for bringing this up now should be obvious. Friday and Saturday will host another CCA Legislators' Invitational Fishing Rodeo!

The way this event has been growing in popularity, we figured it would be best to introduce some nautical terms in this issue, such as "ahoy," and offer a few rodeo tips throughout. So make sure you scope out our “CCA FYI & 411” suggestions below. 

Just like we did for last year's rodeo, photos and results will be featured in a special package next week for subscribers to LaPolitics Weekly.


Bishop & Chabert & An Island

The fishing rodeo will again be held in Grand Isle and the Fourchon area, and it has the same hosts as last year, too.

That means Rep. Stuart Bishop and Sen. Norby Chabert, the chairmen of the Legislature’s natural resources committees, are the headliners, although plenty of other gavel-holders will be in lower Jeff this weekend as well.


Waiting On Labor Day

As per political tradition, the unofficial start of the fall election season this year will be Sept. 3, which is also Labor Day.

For many, many moons, consultants, candidates and reporters have pointed to Labor Day as the launching point for media buys, key messaging and hardcore maneuvering. That hasn't always been the case, though, and recent years have seen campaigns unrolling critical operations long before September.

Will this year follow the long-standing pattern, or will we see candidates with significant TV buys and aggressive outreach prior to Labor Day? If donor fatigue becomes an issue, and it may very well, the action may come sooner rather than later.


Legislative Action

Are you itching for some committee votes, policy discussions and late-starting meetings? Of course you are!

Several senators will be moving through the Capitol soon. So if upper chamber conversations are on your to-do-list, or if you’re working issues connected to Medicaid or opioids, get ready to make a Red Stick appearance.

Here’s what to look for next week:

— The Senate Health and Welfare Committee meets next Tuesday, Aug. 7, at 9:30 a.m. in the Hainkel Room to discuss Medicaid. (Reports on provider data, MMC transparency and 2016’s medical loss ratio.)

— The Finance as well as the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs committees will meet jointly next Thursday in the same room at 10 a.m. Members will hear a presentation by the Justice Department on recent legislative activity on opioid abuse and a status update on a related lawsuit by the state. Lawmakers will also kick off a study process that will make recommendations for how to use money resulting from the suit.


Random Stuff That You Totally Should Know About

— NO ONE WANTS TO RUN, via The AP: "A small Louisiana town is trying to figure out what to do after no one volunteered to run for police chief. KATC-TV reports that the police chief in Palmetto, a village of about 170 people, moved out of the village, meaning he can't run for re-election. But no one threw their hat in the ring to run for the job in the recent qualifying period."

— UNION NUMBERS DOWN, via The Shreveport Times: "In Louisiana, union membership peaked at 9.4 percent [of the state’s workforce] in 1993, but like the national trend, it has been steadily declining... The union membership in Louisiana was 4.4 percent in 2017, which is the lowest it has been since 1993."

— BREES AND BALLOONS, via Fox 8: "On the first day of fan access at Saints Training Camp [Saturday], dozens of kids took part in the challenge of throwing water balloons at quarterback Drew Brees."

— NOLA BIKER LADIES, via The New York Times: "Meet New Orleans’s All-Female Biker Club... With stilettos and magenta-hued burnouts, the Caramel Curves are hard to miss on the riding scene... The group is made up of 13 women brought together by their passion for motorcycles and their desire to bike with other women like themselves. On what are known as second-line Sundays (named for the city’s brass-band-led parades in the spring), the Caramel Curves can be spotted cruising around town. The ladies wear helmets ridged with fluorescent pink mohawks and matching vests bedazzled in blingy patches and sequins. Finishing the look are Barbie-pink stilettos. Their bikes are big Suzuki Hayabusas (that they call 'busas') and Gixxers, and Can-Am Spyders, airbrushed in shades of pink, with brightly colored rims to match. And when they stunt, with curving burnouts or wheelies, their tires send off plumes of magenta-hued smoke.”

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