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— Who’s the richest elected official from Louisiana serving on Capitol Hill today? According to a review of federal disclosure information, estimates it’s Congressman Ralph Abraham, with a net worth of $12 million.(Make sure to mix that into your next chit-chat about the 2019 race for governor.) READ THE REVIEW

— Congressman Steve Scalise… PRESS RELEASE: “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) announced this morning that he will undergo a planned surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, as part of his recovery from last June's Congressional Baseball Game practice shooting.”

— Scalise: “I have been fortunate to make tremendous progress in my healing from last June's shooting, and tomorrow I will undergo a planned surgery as part of my ongoing recovery process. I am incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support and prayers I have received from friends and neighbors in southeast Louisiana, my colleagues in Congress, and wonderful people from all across the country. I appreciate all of the continued prayers as I move forward with my recovery, and I continue to be thankful for the dedicated care I am receiving from my medical team. I will remain fully engaged in my work as I heal from this procedure, and I look forward to returning to the Capitol as soon as I can within the coming weeks.”

— Scalise was reportedly one of the Republican leaders to meet with President Trump at Camp David last Friday. Up for discussion were this year’s legislative agenda and the midterm elections.

— POLITICO: “At a time when the president’s approval ratings are mired in the 30s, there is widespread worry in the party about the midterm elections and how prepared the administration is. The group (was) expected to discuss the challenges confronting the party in this year’s races, but also opportunities.”

— Scalise gave his take on Facebook: “It was important to hear from Secretary of Defense Mattis this weekend at Camp David. We talked about the national security threats we face, and how critical it is to ensure our men and women in uniform have the resources they need.” Here’s some more photos from the meeting.

— U.S. Sen. John Kennedy talked to CNN about Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff’s flaming bestseller on U.S. President Donald Trump: “I don’t know if what’s in the book is true...It could be the author just pulled it out of his orifices.”

— Kennedy to CNN on the CHIP program: “I’m very supportive of it...We’re going to renew it.”

— Kennedy thanked Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon for “extending the disaster declaration to the people of southwest Louisiana.”

— U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and Kennedy praised the U.S. Department of the Interior and Trump administration’s oil and gas leasing proposal.

— Here’s a video of Cassidy talking about the proposal on the Senate floor.

— Congressman Mike Johnson also approved: “The Trump administration’s decision...puts the United States one step closer to achieving energy dominance.”

— Congressman Garret Graves weighed in, too: “The United States has one of the safest, most environmentally-sensitive conventional energy production programs in the world – and nobody does it better than Louisiana. Eliminating barriers to domestic energy production as envisioned in this plan is a step in the right direction.”

— Congressman Clay Higgins via press release: “I am committed to unleashing American energy potential and will continue to fight for Louisiana oil and gas jobs.”

— Congressman Abraham on Twitter: “This decision will lead to more jobs for hard-working Louisianians anxious to return to work and provide greater economic stimulation in our communities that rely on energy production for survival.”

— Cassidy was one of a handful of lawmakers to ask the U.S. Government Accountability Office to review the 1999 Foreign, Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act in light of the opioid epidemic and drug trafficking.

— Cassidy appeared on Fox Business last week to argue how America has already seen tax reform benefits and why the country needs a border wall. The senator also said this about U.S. President Donald Trump’s rumored volatility: “I am sure that he can lose his temper. Who doesn’t?”

— On Congressman Cedric Richmond’s Facebook: Restore LA is hosting three outreach events in Baton Rouge this month for homeowners affected by the 2016 floods, starting today.

— Scalise touted tax reform benefits, especially for Louisiana breweries, on local station Fox 8 and Fox News. The House member also told Fox News what’s “on tap” for 2018 and channeled Trump on Fox Business: “I never get tired on winning.”

— The Majority Whip also has a webpage tracking all the winning.

— FEMA has announced that houses of worship are now eligible for disaster assistance.

— Johnson went on air to talk modernizing the military with radio talk show host Lars Larson. He also reflected on 2017 with Kevin Gallagher on Baton Rouge's Talk 107.3.

— Johnson talked to Fox Business about the House probe into “who funded the anti-Trump dossier.”

— Graves did his regular Facebook Live on Jan. 5.

— ICYMI before Christmas, Kennedy had a statement on Syria: “ISIS must be smothered out of existence if we’re to sleep peacefully at night.”

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The Beltway Beat

— Who’s the richest elected official from Louisiana serving on Capitol Hill today? According to a review of federal disclosure information,

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