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— [Hello. You have exactly three months until the start of the 2018 regular session. This message will self destruct in 20 seconds...] 

— A new report from 24-7 Wall Street suggests that Louisiana is the worst-run state in the U.S.

— Rep. Franklin Foil was sworn in earlier today as a new Naval appellate court judge, during a ceremony at the Navy Yard in Washington.

— Political Football: Catholic—New Iberia delivered a 33-16 upset to the Notre Dame Pioneers at the Superdome last week. Reps. Blake Miguez and John Stefanski had a bit of feud going, but it was Team Miguez (Catholic) that brought the trophy back to Acadiana. (Catholic-New Iberia hadn’t won a state title since 1962, back when the coach was man named Coach, or Coach Blanco, who is the husband of former Gov. Kathleen Blanco.

— In related news, our West Point governor pulled for his branch in Saturday’s Army-Navy football game. (Army won 14-13.)

— It’s time for Rep. Gary Carter’s annual Winter Wonderland Christmas Party, which as always includes milk and cookies and Nutcracker performers and a meet-and-greet with Santa! INVITE

— Congressional aide Michael Willis’ BAD JOKE OF THE WEEK: “What type of parties do snowmen go to? Snow Balls!”

— The Louisiana Home Builders Association has a new partnership with Vantage Health. Open enrollment for health insurance for LHBA members begins Dec. 15.

— The 10th annual Louisiana Charter Schools Conference is this weekend in New Orleans.

— LDWF will deploy a new freshwater artificial reef into Vernon Lake on Thursday.

— Gov. John Bel Edwards and the First Lady on the passing of Judge Jim Brady: “He was Louisiana to his core, and an avid supporter of LSU. Like many people around the state, we were lucky to call him a friend. Judge Brady dedicated his life to public service, and despite his many accomplishments, he was as good and humble a man I have ever met. Most importantly, he represented honesty, fairness and integrity on the federal bench in Louisiana, and his wisdom in the courtroom will be sorely missed. We ask all Louisianans to join their prayers to ours for his wife, Karen, and his children, Sean and Missy, during this very difficult time.”

— JBE was also one of 12 governors today who signed a letter asking Congress to re-authorize CHIP “as quickly as possible.”

— JBE on former Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s cancer diagnosis: “She is a strong woman of incredible faith, a deep and abiding love of Louisiana and all its people.”

— New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Blanco: “When I served alongside her as Lieutenant Governor, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand her strength and courage.”

— The state now has a Cybersecurity Commission. EXECUTIVE ORDER

— Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Director James Waskom will recap this past hurricane season and give 2016 flood recovery and 2018 legislative session updates for the Press Club of Baton Rouge on Dec. 18 at the Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m.

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Political Chatter

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Political Chatter

— [Hello. You have exactly three months until the start of the 2018 regular session. This message will self destruct in 20 seconds...]  —

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Political Chatter

— Gov. John Bel Edwards and First Lady Donna Edwards hosted their Christmas festivities at the Governor’s Mansion today. — The First

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