Sponsored: Marrying A Heartfelt Cause

For most, finance may not seem like an endeavor of the heart. But, Natalie Domino Person is proof that marrying a heartfelt cause with well-honed expertise can produce soul-satisfying work.

As director of health care services at The Picard Group, Person began her journey in finance at Louisiana State University, where she studied finance before landing at a hedge fund. “I was engaged in the stock market and that fast-paced arena, learning how companies work,” she said.

She flourished in the field, but after time, the ongoing hours behind a desk with spreadsheets inspired her to go back to school. “I’m too much of a people person to do it,” she said. “I went to Tulane to get my MBA in finance with an interest in health care.”

The Lafayette native began working with the Schumacher Group’s analytics team and moved to Dallas, Texas. Her work there evolved into handling the cash roll portions of the business, including banking relationships, where she learned even more about the ins and outs of health care and business and their unique crossroads.

Her combined experience prepared her to join TPG, and to work directly with Gwen Guillotte, the senior director of health care services. The work they do is not what many may consider traditional lobbying work.

From Our Lady of the Lake’s LHC to out-of-state health care providers to smaller mom-and-pop offices, Guillotte and Person work with a diverse blend of clients. That means related services are diversified as well — business consulting, interim positions, handling financial responsibilities, operations, regulatory roles and simply tracking the ever-changing landscape of health care.

“There is client crossover with lobbying, business development and operations. We work together, to that end,” Person said. “The convergence of work fits well with TPG’s mission because Tyron Picard recognizes that clients often need assistance in interpreting how complex legislation will impact them from a financial and operational perspective.”

Simply put, clinicians and companies with a goal of treating patients don’t need to become finance experts and don’t always have time to prioritize the cost cutting or revenue driving initiatives on their to-do list.

Person’s role allows doctors to do what they do best. The daughter of the Children’s Museum of Acadiana founder takes the “it takes a village” approach to work and life. Person recalls fondly growing up at the museum and her family’s core values that center on the importance of giving children the best a community has to offer.

"My mom started the museum because she wanted children to be well rounded," she said. "My dad is a financial advisor. I’m pulling from both worlds. I’m the first one in the health care space in the family. The field has always intrigued me – there’s nothing more special than being able to heal someone. I feel I can use my core competencies apply them best to this industry."

That effort to better the world and its children has become even clearer in recent years when Person and her husband moved back to Louisiana to start a family. She is weeks away from the arrival of their second child and already busy with their first, Beau, 2, and their two 90-pound golden retrievers. She is on the board of the museum her mom started and has a new appreciation for the community in which she was raised.

“It takes a village and that’s more true today than it was when we were young,” she said. “For me, that means fighting for dollars for health care providers so they can spend their time healing patients.”

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