The Further Reddening of Louisiana

The Louisiana Family Forum has released its latest scorecard on the 2014 votes taken by state legislators.

While it shows how legislators match up with the faith-based group's policy priorities, the scorecard also offers a glimpse of just how conservative the Legislature has become over the past 10 years.

"When we started this in 2004 there were about 26 lawmakers in the House and Senate who voted pro-life and pro-family, in general," LFF president Gene Mills told LaPolitics. "This year the number is about 83 or 84."

The real milestone belongs to Sen. A.G. Crowe, R-Slidell, who, for the 10th consecutive year, has scored 100 percent on the scorecard.

One issue not included in the rankings was the surrogacy births bill.

"We left that off because there may have been some confusion on what our position was," Mills said.

At its September reception, the Family Forum will present a slate of Republicans with Life and Liberty Awards, as well as two Democrats: Reps. Neil Abramson of New Orleans and Katrina Jackson of Monroe.

"That's not unusual anymore," said Mills. "There are usually a few stalwarts."

On the horizon, the Family Forum is working on election guides for the federal races and maybe judicial contests, too. Candidates will not be endorsed, but rather quizzed on important issues. Like the scorecards, the election guides will be distributed to pastors around Louisiana.

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