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Legislative Day with SWLA Chamber

Members of the Southwest Louisiana (SWLA) Chamber, a client of The Picard Group (TPG), witnessed government in action Tuesday during the annual “SWLA Chamber Day” in Baton … [More]


Will Lawmakers Ever Leave Baton Rouge?

The governors who preceded John Bel Edwards were no strangers to special sessions. Mike Foster, for example, called seven special sessions over the span of eight years. … [More]


Money Forces Political Tides To Rise

“Before the BP settlement, this whole master plan was an academic exercise.” Those were the words Gov. John Bel Edwards shared during a recent meeting with coastal … [More]

Louisiana’s Everlasting Sales Tax Debate

If the Louisiana Legislature wants to take the public's temperature on the popularity of sales taxes, the elections held in 46 parishes this past weekend offer a quick and … [More]

Distrust Reigns Supreme At Capitol

Many in the state House of Representatives don’t trust Gov. John Bel Edwards’ vision for Louisiana, which probably doesn’t come as a shock to his administration. That’s … [More]

The Intersection Of Governing And Politics

An ill omen was seen on the House floor last week when Gov. John Bel Edwards, during his session-opening speech, had to gently encourage lawmakers to applaud when he … [More]