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Not Your Typical CPA

The Picard Group’s Director of Administration and Finance, Steve Cosminski, is not your typical CPA. Or MBA. Upon closer inspection, Cosminski, a productivity fanatic, … [More]


Another Round Of Musical Chairs At The Capitol

Who needs term limits with this kind of turnover? Almost two months have passed since I last utilized this space to discuss the Legislature’s surprising number of open … [More]


The Legislative Guide To Winning Friends & Influencing People

As of the writing of this column, the Louisiana Legislature and the Edwards Administration still had a little more time to throw down all shields in a grand display of … [More]

GOP Leadership Change Could Be Vision-Shifting

When Roger Villere became the chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party 14 years ago, the only statewide GOP official was late Secretary of State Fox McKeithen. Today, of … [More]

All Politics Are Local — And Sometimes Shameful 

Two parish presidents in Ascension and Jefferson are facing recall efforts for allegedly doing things that would make any good, church-going rotarian blush. Another … [More]

Mayoral Race Should Hold State’s Attention

At any given time of the day, it’s both the best elected job in Louisiana and the worst. One moment you’re leading a second line in a city that long ago captured the … [More]