MAGINNIS: Political Sideshow to Coastal Lawsuit

Next month, a federal judge will decide whether the historic, mammoth lawsuit against 97 oil companies for damage to coastal marshes will proceed in state court or be moved to U.S. District Court, as sought by one of the defendants, Chevron. Big corporations tend to think they will fare better in a federal system of […]

D.C. Shutdown Could Not Happen Here

It could not happen here, this government shutdown thing. Under similar circumstances in the Louisiana House of Representatives, regardless of how members voted, they would at least vote. The impasse over the budget resolution and GOP attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act soon will be followed by another face-off over raising the debt ceiling. […]

Jindal Struggles with Common Core

This ruckus over Common Core, silly and sad as it’s been, has still served the public good in a couple of ways. It has given me and my journalistic colleagues something to write about on a slow week. And it has caused more people to know and discuss the most important thing going on in […]

Voucher Suit Is Gift to Jindal from Obama

Gov. Bobby Jindal may call the lawsuit brought by President Barack Obama’s administration against the state’s voucher program “cynical, immoral, hypocritical and more,” but he’s got to love the big guy for it. Had the U.S. Justice Department not intervened, Jindal’s already-embattled scholarship program may have shriveled and faded in years to come, under funding […]

“Old Vitter” Drives Them Crazy in D.C.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada called the junior senator from Louisiana “an anarchist,” and even Republicans colleagues were dismayed at him for blocking a bipartisan energy efficiency bill until he gets a vote on an amendment that no one else wants to even discuss. His amendment has nothing to do with […]

Business Lobby Captive of Its Success

Those who are not consumed by Louisiana politics will be forgiven for not following the saga of the naming of the new president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. Those who are recognize the major role LABI has played in shaping government policy over the past four decades on business matters but also […]

Jindalcare to coexist with Obamacare

It should be clear by now that, regardless of criticism and public opinion, Gov. Bobby Jindal is not going to change his mind about opting out of the expansion of Medicaid and not setting up state insurance exchanges under the federal Affordable Care Act. Similarly, Republicans in Congress can vote for a 41st time to […]