You Should Be Listening To The Supremes

Can you name one of the justices currently serving on the United States Supreme Court? If you cannot, you’re among 57 percent of likely voters in this country, according to a Penn Schoen Berland poll that was commissioned by C-SPAN and released earlier this year. (In case you were wondering, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the top reply […]

Early Birds Win The Election!

Even though it hasn’t yet reached a conclusion, there’s already a group of winners emerging from the 2017 election cycle in Louisiana. They’re our state’s early voters, or those folks who either mail in their ballots or cast their choices in person during the weeks preceding Election Day. “We’re not seeing a shift overall in […]

Treasurer’s Race Suffering From Donor Fatigue

Talk to some of the hands working on the various campaigns for state treasurer and they’ll agree about one thing — that very few people in Louisiana know there’s an election underway and even fewer actually care. Then go and sit a spell with the reporters covering the race. They might tell you how unexciting […]

Quiet Race About To Be Not-So-Quiet

Television buys, anonymous tips to reporters, shielded social media accounts and independent expenditures. Yes, the race for state treasurer has finally started — with less than four weeks to go until the Oct. 14 primary. The newest kid on the block is the Redfish Action Fund, which has nothing to do with fishing. It’s actually […]

Compromise Caucus A Grand Experiment

Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media and Opinion Research is fond of saying, “If you’re in the middle in Louisiana politics then you’re roadkill.” Things do tend to die if they piddle around too much in the middle of Louisiana’s highways, both conventionally and politically paved. It’s just too easy to become a target if you’re […]

Are Lawmakers Worth What We Pay Them?

Would you become a Louisiana legislator for one year if someone paid you $16,800? Some of you are probably thinking that there’s no amount of money that would convince you to get behind the pawns on the Capitol chess board. There are others, though, who would surely do it for free. But there is an […]

Hidden Issues On The October Ballot

Louisiana elections produce much more than winners and losers. They also generate new insights into the modern political landscape, foreshadow policy debates to come and offer us an opportunity to take the temperature of the electorate on any number of issues. To that end, here are four questions that will likely all be answered before, during and […]

When Politics & Law Enforcement Collide

Louisiana has been parked at the intersection of hard-nosed politics and law enforcement controversy for an entire year. First it was a set of police-involved shootings in Baton Rouge, during the heat of last year’s summer, followed by protestors and national media coverage. Then the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office and Hammond Police Department were raided shortly […]

Do We Really Need A State Treasurer?

The timing couldn’t be better for a conversation about eliminating the position of state treasurer. Or at least dumping the gig as we know it today. Voters will select the next treasurer on Oct. 14, or more than likely on Nov. 18 should the contest advance to a runoff. There’s no incumbent, so technically none […]

There’s A Task Force For That

Are you worried about property tax payments that are offset by state credits? So is the Louisiana Legislature, which is why it created a task force last year to tackle the topic. How about feral hogs? Are those wild piggies tearing up your garden and destroying your property? Well, there’s also a task force for […]