“I Owe It All To The Material.” -John Maginnis


The Last Hayride

($14.95 paperback)

The story of Edwin Edwards in his prime, out to recapture the governor's office in the 1983 election. Follow him on his wild and hilarious campaign odyssey through the backroads of Louisiana politics, past federal investigators, ward-healing preachers, nervous bodyguards and high-rolling pols and pretenders, all scrambling for a place on the Last Hayride.

"Like Edwards himself, this book is entertainment."
—New Orleans Times-Picayune


Cross to Bear

($19.95 hardcover)

The inside account of the 1991 governor's race that had the whole world watching: Edwin Edwards vs. David Duke vs. Buddy Roemer. The reader gets a back-seat view of this fascinating, often funny, sometimes frightening ride alongside the henchmen, bagmen, yes men, Klansmen and girlfriends--characters who keep politics interesting and dangerous in America's last banana republic.