Is the End Near

To the delight of his colleagues, Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry suggested today that we may not see a repeat of the contentious budget debates in this session that have otherwise plagued this term. “It’s one of the easiest budget processes we’ve gone through in the four years I’ve been here,” Henry said. That revelation came […]

Flipping the Families First PAC

When Gov. John Bel Edwards was elected in 2015, he had the Louisiana Families First PAC, then run by former Sen. Ben Nevers, to thank for part of his success. In the following years, however, the PAC sat dormant until it was eventually dissolved, signaling an end for the outfit. Or at least that’s what […]

JBE, AG Nearing Showdown Over Bill

The full Senate has given approval to legislation backed by Attorney General Jeff Landry  to protect health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. SB 173 by Sen. Fred Mills has become a major issue for Landry, who is one of 20 GOP officials from across the country challenging the Affordable Care Act. Gov. John […]

PAST IS PROLOGUE: John Slidell & The Polk Presidency

Nearly two centuries before a controversial presidential election was investigated for alleged interference and words like “collusion” became part of the political lexicon, one Louisiana congressman used his own creative method to ensure that his preferred candidate resided in the White House. In the 1844 presidential election, Gov. James K. Polk of Tennessee faced off against U.S. […]

Q&A: Kim Hunter Reed

LaPolitics: With colleges and universities getting ready to hold commencement exercises, what is the message that you have for graduates? Higher Ed Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed: When we think about talent development, we must go beyond traditional-aged students.  We think about returning adults, veterans, single moms, foster youth, homeless youth, and justice-involved individuals.  Our goal […]

Seatbelt Defeated, But Issue Lives On

The Senate Judiciary A Committee deferred legislation Tuesday morning that would have instituted a major change in the guidelines for lawsuits related to a motor-vehicle accident. SB148 by Sen. Sharon Hewitt would have revised the current law and allowed courts to consider a defendant’s seatbelt use when awarding damages.  Under the existing statue, juries are […]

Parishwide Push for St. George a No-Go

The Senate Local and Municipal Affairs Committee defeated legislation Thursday that would have increased the size of the electorate for the fall St. George election in East Baton Rouge Parish. SB63 by Local and Municipal Affairs Chairwoman Yvonne Colomb, D-Baton Rouge, would have changed the referendum’s current guidelines and made the election parishwide, instead of […]

Inside the Rails

HD15/HOFFMANN/OPEN: Local businessman Drake Graves has become the first candidate to officially enter the race. Community leaders have been encouraging Susan Hoffman, the outgoing representative’s wife, to consider the run, but friends say she isn’t necessarily leaning one way or the other. Truth is, Mrs. Hoffman may be overqualified for the job. She recently retired […]

Field Notes

South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon will be in Lake Charles this afternoon for an announcement on economic development with Gov. John Bel Edwards.  President Donald Trump will be holding a fundraiser in New Orleans on Tuesday, May 14, co-hosted by longtime political donors Boysie Bollinger and Joe Canizaro. Earlier in the day, the president […]

They Said It

“The best secrets are the ones you never talk about.” —Rep. Johnny Guinn “The Chinese say if you sit by the bank of the river long enough, you’ll see the dead bodies of your enemies come floating by, and I did it.” —Former Gov. Edwin Edwards, on longevity, on WVLA “If I would have known […]