Stuff Judge Perry Can’t Do

Sen. Jonathan Perry is still Sen. Jonathan Perry, although he’ll soon be 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Jonathan Perry. And if you ask J.P. directly, he’ll tell you what Sen. Jonathan Perry can do and what Judge Jonathan Perry won’t be able to do. For starters, there will be no endorsement from Perry in […]

POLITICAL HISTORY: The Conspiracist Vs. The Crooner

By 1973, Orleans Parish District Attorney Jim Garrison was a well-known figure outside of his jurisdiction, due largely to the legal and political rabbit hole he followed down, down, down and further down in the wake of the assassination of late President John F. Kennedy. By that fall, trapped in the shadow of a trial […]

REVIEW: Livingston Memoir A Candid Account

This story was originally published for Weekly subscribers on July 19, 2018. Wish you had read it then? Become a part of our elite community by subscribing today! In the genre of political memoirs, readers are often given glowing accounts that favor personal successes over harsh realities, which is unfortunate in an written record that could […]

RABALAIS’ POLITICAL HISTORY: LBJ’s Serious Beef With Shreveport

In January of 1965, U.S. Sen. Russell Long heard that the Appropriations Committee, when preparing the upcoming congressional budget, had killed his pet project. Long had wanted to build a new post office in Shreveport, bringing federal jobs and money into the city. When he was told that the cut had been ordered by the […]

REVIEW: Livingston Memoir A Candid Account

In the genre of political memoirs, readers are often given glowing accounts that favor personal successes over harsh realities, which is unfortunate in an written record that could one day be considered historic text. The exact opposite of this literary norm can be found in The Windmill Chaser: Triumphs and Less in American Politics, the […]

Special Election Trend To Continue

For those playing from their living rooms with the home edition of “The Legislature’s Revolving Door,” both chambers have so far concluded 10 special elections, including a single-candidate House race from this week’s qualifying period. Another two special legislative elections will have wait for the fall ballot, one more needs to be called due to […]

Q&A With Bob Livingston: “Republicans Are Going To Keep Control”

LaPolitics staff writer Mitch Rabalais: You were in the House leadership during Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton. What is your take on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election? Former Congressman Bob Livingston: “Well, other than the fact that they’re both special counsels, I’m not sure that there is a lot of commonality. Ken […]

Rabalais: Louisiana’s First Congresswoman

On October 16, 1972, the political orbits in both Louisiana and Washington, D.C. were shocked by the sudden disappearance of then-House Majority Leader Hale Boggs. Boggs had been campaigning for a colleague’s re-election in Alaska when his plane went missing. Military efforts to find the aircraft were unsuccessful after a 39-day search. While the search […]

“We’ll Do It In Conference”: How It Works, Using HB 27 As An Example

As the clock ticked down on the special session Monday night, all attention turned toward three conference committees tasked with hashing out compromises on HB 1, HB 18 and HB 27. The passage of all three bills was essential to obtaining a consensus on the budget and revenue in the governor’s call while avoiding a […]

Biden Biding Time (In NOLA)

When former Vice President Joe Biden rolled through New Orleans this week, he hung out with Congressman Cedric Richmond, Sen. Troy Carter, Rep. Joe Bouie and Mayor LaToya Cantrell. As for the big-time politicos who didn’t get to hang with VP Joe Cool, there are perfectly good explanations, but we’ll get into that momentarily. Biden […]