Issue 1207

By JEREMY ALFORD & MITCH RABALAIS | May 30, 2019 | Issue 1207 | | @LaPoliticsNow | Aboard Air Force One  Scalise on DJT and D.C. When President Donald Trump visited the Bayou State two weeks ago, many politicos closely watched the commander-in-chief’s movements, waiting to see if he made any indication of […]

Aboard Air Force One

When President Donald Trump visited the Bayou State two weeks ago, many politicos closely watched the commander-in-chief’s movements, waiting to see if he made any indication of a preference in the GOP gubernatorial contest between Congressman Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddie Rispone.  However, while Air Force One was en route to Lake Charles, the president […]

Former Lawmaker Running for Lafayette Mayor-President

Former Rep. Simone Champagne tells LaPolitics that she will be running for Lafayette mayor-president this fall. Since departing the lower chamber in 2014, the Republican from Youngsville has stayed involved in government, working as her home city’s chief administrative officer. Champagne said that she will be campaigning on the idea of bringing fiscally conservative policies […]

Teachers Unions Looking to Fall Elections

One day after word of a possible teacher walkout hit the Capitol, Gov. John Bel Edwards appeared on the building’s steps to publicly urge House members to approve the school funding formula pushed by his administration.  Edwards joined members of the Louisiana Coalition of Public Schools who gathered on the Capitol steps to support his […]

Cauliflower Rice Nears Final Passage

The House Agriculture Committee advanced legislation Thursday morning which would bring changes to many of the items that shoppers can purchase at their local grocery stores. SB152 by Senate Agriculture Chair Francis Thompson would make it illegal for imitation products such as “cauliflower rice” to be labeled as actual rice.  According to the bill’s author, he does […]

Past is Prologue: LBJ’s Serious Beef with Shreveport

In January of 1965, U.S. Sen. Russell Long heard that the Appropriations Committee, when preparing the upcoming congressional budget, had killed his pet project. Long had wanted to build a new post office in Shreveport, bringing federal jobs and money into the city. When he was told that the cut had been ordered by the […]

What They Are Saying Nationally About SB 184

It is no secret that the passage of Sen. John Milkovich’s SB184, the bill which prohibits abortion if a heartbeat can be detected, has drawn much attention outside of the Capitol. National news crews were seen around the building yesterday and outlets such as The New York Times, CNN and CBS News sent out push […]

Latest Marijuana Legalization Attempt Fails

The House Criminal Justice Committee moved Wednesday morning to reject legislation that could have been the first step in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Louisiana. HB509 by Rep. John Bagneris would have placed a referendum on the fall ballot, asking voters to consider decriminalizing the forbidden uses of the substance under existing laws.  […]

Q&A with Sen. Sharon Hewitt

LaPolitics: This is your first term here in the Capitol. What’s the experience been like being on the Senate Finance Committee this term, because it certainly seems like it has been quite a whirlwind? Sen. Sharon Hewitt: Finance is a big commitment. You know we were here until 10:30 last night. We put in a […]

Inside the Rails

—HD40/D. MILLER/INCUMBENT: While the incumbent member is expected to seek a second term this fall, local chatter in the past few days has focused on former Opelousas City Councilman Tyrone Glover looking at the seat. Glover has wide name recognition in the district from his stint on the council and his run for the top […]