Governing Magazine: “Control of the nation's state legislatures are also being contested. And as we've seen in our other handicappings, it's shaping up to be a good year for Democrats.” But that doesn’t apply to Louisiana, since our elections are slated for 2019.

House District 4 - Glover - Incumbent

The next election for Shreveport mayor is in 2018. Rep. Cedric Glover is being encouraged to run by supporters, but he isn’t tipping his hat on which way he’s leaning. Keep an eye on that local race.

House District 10 - Reynolds - Incumbent

Rep. Gene Reynolds took to Facebook recently to make sure no one was getting the wrong idea. “Well, this past week I was asked by several people, including the media, ‘Are you running for the House in 2020?’ The answer is yes.” So there you go.

— UPDATE (5.18.18): Reynolds announced that he’ll be stepping down on June 4 to take a job managing the state parks system. Reynolds recently resigned his leadership post as chair of the Democratic caucus while attributing his decision to the Capitol’s poor mood and gridlock. 

— UPDATE (7.21.18): Republican and Springhill veterinarian Wayne McMahen is positioned to become the newest member of the Legislature following his lone qualification for the special election in House District 10. The Minden Press-Herald reported in early June that McMahen’s his main platform includes “rural health,” community safety, natural resources, jobs and “cooperation in the Legislature.”

House District 15 - Hoffmann - Open 

Ouachita Parish Police Juror Scotty Robinson, who is an insurance agent, is looking at the seat.

— UPDATE (5.11.18): While he’s currently keeping his options open in regard to the secretary of state’s race, Sen. Mike Walsworth confirmed he is applying the same mindset to this seat in 2019.

House District 17 - Hunter - Special? 

Keep an eye on Rep. Marcus Hunter, who is receiving encouragement from voters back home to consider judgeships that are on ballots in the fall and in 2019. Publicly Hunter is staying mum. While a run this year would be a free shot, a spot on 2019’s ballot would mean a legislative exit for this second generation representative. (Interestingly, Hunter replaced former Rep. Rosalind Jones, who was likewise a second generation legislator and the daughter of former Sen. CD Jones.)

— UPDATE (7.20.18): Rep. Marcus Hunter is officially on the Nov. 6 ballot for 4th District judge versus one other challenger, Monroe Democrat Aisha S. Clark.

House District 18 - Thibaut - Open

Said to be looking at the race, or being encouraged to, are Arthur Ewing of Satterfield’s Landing and LA Express Convenience Stores; attorney Jeremy LaCombe; and West Baton Rouge Councilman Gary Spillman.

— UPDATE (7.20.18): Rep. Major Thibaut is in the race for Pointe Coupee Parish president. Thibaut, who had nearly $160,000 on hand at the end of 2017, faces lone challenger Mike Cashio for the parish presidency.

House District 19 - Chaney - Open

East Carroll Parish Police Jury President Lee Denny intends to be on the ballot, as does Sen. Francis Thompson.

House District 20 - Pylant - Incumbent 

Catahoula Parish Police Juror Judy Duhon is shopping around for consulting help and starting her campaign. Rep. Steve Pylant is expected to seek re-election.

UPDATE (4.5.18): A member of the upper chamber since 2008, Sen. Neil Riser confirmed to LaPolitics that he will be a candidate in House District 20 next year. That makes Riser the third senator to express an interest in running for the House after their time in the upper chamber concludes. Sen. Francis Thompson is expected to qualify in House District 19, possibly alongside East Carroll Parish Police Jury President Lee Denny, who at one time was interested in the contest. Then there’s Senate President John Alario, who is thinking about House District 83, but is in no way committed. As for Riser and that northwest Louisiana House district, Catahoula Parish Police Juror Judy Duhon is also looking to run. The real question is whether incumbent Rep. Steve Pylant runs for re-election in House District 20. He had publicly announced his intentions to not run last cycle, but qualified anyway. This go around, however, there are some local politicos who are urging Pylant to consider running in Senate District 32, which Riser is vacating due to term limits.

House District 21 - Anders - Open

Former Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland could jump back into politics as a candidate for this open seat.

House District 22 - Brown - Incumbent 

Contractor and small businessman John Stephens has said he will be running again. Rep. Terry Brown is expected to seek-re-election.

— UPDATE (2.22.18): For now this race is being removed from LaPolitics’ Watchlist. Rep. Terry Brown is expected to seek-re-election, and he’ll do so without John Stephens as a challenger. (For more, see SD32.)

House District 26 - Hall - Incumbent (Special?)

Political speculators should add this district to their watch lists, as Rep. Jeff Hall is supposedly being urged by community leaders to run for mayor of Alexandria, which is on the November 2018 ballot.

   — UPDATE (6.21.18): Rep. Jeff Hall is considering another bid for Alexandria mayor on the Nov. 6 election. That would presumably pit him against Mayor Jacques Roy for a repeat of the 2014 municipal election, where Hall garnered 34 percent to Roy's 51 percent. “It’s not ruled out,” Hall said. “I don’t think it’s proper for me to say I’m even going to do that and to be a state representative, and the crisis that we’re having right now, for me to even give indication that I am campaigning.”

— UPDATE (7.20.18): Rep. Jeff Hall is running for Alexandria mayor for the second time, but this go around without interference from longtime incumbent Mayor Jacques Roy, who is stepping aside. He’s instead up against Catherine Davidson and Kay Michaels, both Democratic women from Alexandria.

House District 27 - Hazel - Open (Special?)

Pineville attorney Michael T. Johnson is considered to be a top candidate in this developing race. He has hired The Political Firm to manage his bid.

UPDATE (2.1.18): Mike Johnson, a defense attorney and LABI board member, is expected to announce soon.

—UPDATE (5.18.18): Johnson may announce his candidacy soon, according to local buzz.And it’s probably a smart move. Rep. Chris Hazel said this week he’s running for a judgeship in the 9th Judicial District this fall. A win in November would mean another special election for the Legislature.

— UPDATE (7.20.18): Rep. Chris Hazel is on the ballot for judgeship in the 9th District. He has one challenger, a Republican from Pineville named Charles Elliot. Hazel sat on a comfortable $77,500 in cash on hand when he filed his last campaign finance report in February.

— House District 30 - Armes - Open

Sam Fulton, a former police juryman in Vernon Parish, is said to be considering a bid, as is businessman Raymond Dowden. Meanwhile, Vernon Police Juror Kenny Haymon, a longtime teacher, is being encouraged to make a run, but the timing may not be right for his legislative debut. At least not this cycle.

House District 31 - N. Landry - Open

Jeremy Hidalgo, a member of the Lafayette Parish School Board and the president of the Broussard Chamber of Commerce, is making the rounds in Baton Rouge.

— UPDATE (5.04.18): Said to be a potential contender is Gus Rantz, an Acadiana health care executive who ran fifth in the 2016 primary for the 3rd Congressional District. Jeremy Hidalgo, a member of the Lafayette Parish School Board and the president of the Broussard Chamber of Commerce, is also making the rounds in Baton Rouge.

House District 32 - Hill - Open

Rep. Dorothy Sue Hill’s 2015 challenger, contractor and Police Juror Biscuit Smith, is getting ready for the 2019 cycle. Rep. Hill’s son, attorney Craig Ray Hill, is likewise looking at running for the seat his father previously held and that his mother has occupied since 1991.

— UPDATE (2.22.18): This race has already been flipped on its head. Keep a watch out for Allen Parish School Superintendent Michael Doucet, who is being encouraged to run. Rep. Dorothy Sue Hill’s son, attorney Craig Ray Hill, was thought to be a contender, but now locals are wondering if he’ll actually qualify. There are also some serious questions about previous candidate Biscuit Smith, who is said to have some pending legal issues, making the race.

House District 33 - Danahay - Open (Or Special?)

This race is categorized as an open seat, but it could very well become a special election if Rep. Mike Danahay wins his bid for Sulphur mayor in the spring. There are at least two potential candidates who have been telling supporters that they intend to run if that happens. They include Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Les Farnum and Sulphur City Councilman Stuart Moss.

— UPDATE (9.14.17): There’s a new name in this developing field. It belongs to Teri Johnson, a Democrat who heads the Calcasieu Federation of Teachers. Local politicos are trying to get her to gear up for the race just in case Rep. Mike Danahay wins his bid for Sulphur mayor in the spring. Other potential candidates include Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Les Farnum and Sulphur City Councilman Stuart Moss.

— UPDATE (3.29.18): Sulphur City Councilman Stuart Moss, a Republican, and Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Les Fernam, a Democrat like the current officeholder, are among the first names to surface in this developing race. With a more than 90 percent white population, and an electorate that backed David Vitter and Mitt Romney in statewide races, some in the Capitol wonder if the district will replace Mayor-elect Mike Danahay with a Republican. Locals aren’t so quick to count out Fernam, though, who is said to be a strong campaigner.

— UPDATE (7.21.18): Calcasieu Federation of Teachers President Teri Johnson, Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Les Farnum and Sulphur City Councilman Stuart Moss have qualified for the Nov. 6 ballot.

House District 34 - Franklin - Open

This is starting to look like a large field, and more could be added to the race in coming months. But for now, the names being tossed around the most belong to Tony Guillory, Kevin Guidry, Eligha Guillory Jr., Wilford Carter, Elizabeth Griffin and Marshall Simien.

House District 37 - Guinn - Open

Marion Fox, president of the Jeff Davis Economic Development and Tourist Commission, and Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Shalon Latour are said to be considering the race.

House District 38 - Lebas - Open

Local politicos are trying to convince Sen. Eric LaFleur to run, but nothing is official. Turkey Creek Mayor Heather Cloud may also be a potential candidate.

House District 39 - Emerson - Incumbent

Former Democratic Rep. Bobby Badon told those gathered at a Christmas party last year that he would be running. Speculation also remains for former Rep. Stephen Ortego, who lost the seat to the incumbent. Rep. Julie Emerson is expected to seek-re-election.

House District 46 - Huval - Incumbent

There’s a lot of talk about conservative activist and political operative Kelby Daigle running against incumbent Rep. Mike Huval. Daigle was the campaign manager for former Sen. Elbert Guillory’s congressional bid.

— UPDATE (4.12.18): Now there’s a second potential challenger to incumbent Rep. Mike Huval. Virginia “Ginger” Benoit comes from a farming family and already has campaign push cards. She addressed the GOP parish executive committee last week, along with conservative activist and political operative Kelby Daigle, who intends to run as well.

House District 48 - Barras - Open

Beau Beaullieu, a partner in CoSource Financial Group, is running and has been making the rounds at legislative events. Iberia Parish Councilman Ricky Gonsoulin, a sugarcane farmer, is telling supporters that he will run too.

— UPDATE (6.8.18): As expected, Iberia Parish Councilman Ricky Gonsoulin has officially announced his candidacy, and did so with a video introducing himself to voters. (I’ve drained more swamped than Donald Trump could ever hope to,” the candidate says in the video.) Beau Beaullieu, a partner in CoSource Financial Group, is running as well.

House District 50 - Jones - Open

Librarian and former educator Allison Jones, the daughter of Rep. Sam Jones, is being urged by community activists to qualify.

House District 55 - Richard - Open

Thibodaux’s Donovan Fremin, the owner of Delta Coin Machine, looks like a declared candidate. He has business cards and a bare-bones website.

House District 62 - Havard - Special?

Rep. Kenny Havard has become so disillusioned with the process this season that he resigned his chairmanship of the House Transportation Committee. Citing partisan politics that are “out of control,” Havard told LaPolitics that he may run for president of West Feliciana Parish in November. “I feel like I’m beating my head against this marble wall,” Havard said of his time in the House.

— UPDATE (7.20.18): Rep. Kenny Havard is in the race for West Feliciana Parish president. He’s up against Republicans Lauren Field and John Thompson.

House District 66 - Edmonds - Incumbent (Special?)

Rep. Rick Edmonds is officially running for secretary of state against five prominent challengers, including Rep. Julie Stokes. If either House member wins, this could spur another special election before the Legislature convenes on April 8.

House District 70 - Foil - Open

Republican Joe Britt, who works in the chemical industry, is considering running for this Baton Rouge seat.

— UPDATE (4.26.18): The loudest noise in this Baton Rouge House district is being made by Michael DiResto, executive vice president of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. While there’s no official announcement to point to, politicos are already trying to line up fundraisers and local reporters are making mental notes. “At this point I am strongly considering it,” said DiResto, who previously worked for the Louisiana Republican Party, Division of Administration and former Congressman Richard Baker. “I have an internal checklist of things I want to explore and answer.” DiResto said he should have a final answer in the next two to three months. Also said to be looking at the seat are East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Connie Bernard and former East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Councilman John Delgado.

House District 71 - Pope - Open

Local influencers are talking to Jonathan Davis, a former member of the Walker City Council, about running. He is the son of GOP consultant Rhett Davis and currently works for Rep. Valarie Hodges.

House District 73 - Pugh - Open

Looking to be a candidate is realtor Don Marshall of Bedico, a member of the local water district and a constable who was elected in 2014 with 70 percent of the vote. Locals are also keeping tabs on Tim Bailey, who ran unsuccessfully in the district in 2015, and veterinarian Bill Wheat Jr.

House District 74 - Simon - Open

Larry Frieman, chairman of the St. Tammany Parish Republican Executive Committee, is said to be looking at the race.

UPDATE (5.24.18): Frieman has officially announced his candidacy. So far, he’s the only candidate we’re tracking in this House district.

House District 79 - Stokes - Incumbent (Special?)

Rep. Julie Stokes is in the contest for secretary of state against five prominent challengers, including Rep. Rick Edmonds. If either House member wins, this could spur another special election before the Legislature convenes on April 8.

House District 81 - Schexnayder - Incumbent

Polly Broussard, a former BESE member and a founder of A+PEL, is being encouraged to challenge incumbent Rep. Clay Schexnayder.

House District 82 - Henry - Open

The chief of staff to Majority Whip Steve Scalise and the brother of Appropriations Chair Cameron Henry may seek the seat that Rep. Henry will be vacating this term. Should he decide to run and win, Charles Henry will actually be making a return to the Capitol. He’s been with Scalise since the whip’s state House days. Friends say Charles Henry, an attorney, is open to the idea and interested, but he’s 100 percent focused on his job with Team Scalise and has the question on the back burner. For now.

House District 83 - Billiot - Open

Senate President John Alario has said he has not ruled out running for this seat.

House District 86 - Broadwater - Open

On Feb. 17 voters in the Hammond-Amite area will vote on a replacement for former Rep. Chris Broadwater. The prevailing assumption is that Navy veteran Michael Showers, the only black candidate and the only Democrat, will make it to the runoff. Although it’s unclear what kind of campaign he’ll be able to mount. If Showers does have a strong enough showing, the question becomes which Republican makes it into the runoff with him — an important question considering the district leans to the right in nearly all contests. The Republicans running are all well connected and include Tangipahoa Parish School Board Member Andy Anderson, attorney Nicky Muscarello and Tangipahoa Parish Councilman David Vial.

— UPDATE (2.1.18): Two organizations, the Tangipahoa Parish Democratic Executive Committee and Tangipahoa Democrats and Progressives, have endorsedU.S. Navy veteran Michael Showers. TPDEC press secretary Tom Hogan told LaPolitics that Showers has pledged to “wholeheartedly support” Gov. John Bel Edwards. Asked if Gov. John Bel Edwards will get involved in the two ongoing special elections, a spokesperson said, “The governor has no intentions of doing that.”

— UPDATE (2.22.18): The primary contest managed to produce just 4,044 votes, with attorney Nicky Muscarello leading Tangipahoa Parish Councilman David Vial into the runoff by only 119 votes. Both are Republicans and locals expected the race could stay tight.

— UPDATE (3.1.18): Locals say the race between attorney Nicky Muscarello and Tangipahoa Parish Councilman David Vial is tightening up. It could be a close one.

House District 90 - Cromer - Special

Rep. Greg Cromer is running mayor of Slidell in the spring, which could mean a special election before his term ends if he wins.

— UPDATE (4.12.18):We’ll know on April 28 whether a special election will be needed in this district. That’s when Rep. Greg Cromer will count his final votes for Slidell mayor against Kevin Davis. Should Cromer win, outgoing Slidell Mayor Freddy Drennan has long indicated interest in the legislative post.

— UPDATE (4.26.18):  Rev. John Raymond, a local pastor and one time "Survivor" contestant, has expressed an interest in the developing race, and he’s the latest to join the field of maybe-candidates.

— UPDATE (5.04.18): Local officials are encouraging a bid by former Slidell Memorial Hospital CEO Bruce Clement, who just lost Slidell’s mayoral contest to incumbent Rep. Greg Cromer. If Clement runs, he’ll likely get an assist or two from his father-in-law, former Lt. Gov. Jimmy Fitzmorris. Other names to watch include St. Tammany Parish Republican executive committee vice-chairman and one-time "Survivor" contestant John Raymond and Slidell’s current mayor, Freddy Drennan. Cromer plans to resign from the Legislature by the end of June.

— UPDATE (5.18.18): John Raymond, a Slidell pastor and one-time Survivor contestant, made it official this week and he will be a candidate.

— UPDATE (6.8.18): Mary DuBuisson, outgoing Rep. Greg Cromer's longtime legislative assistant, has officially announced her candidacy in the race to succeed her boss and the mayor-to-be. DuBuisson joins Rev. John Raymond, a local pastor and one-time 'Survivor' contestant, who is the only other announced candidate in the race so far. Former Slidell Memorial Hospital CEO Bruce Clement and outgoing Slidell Mayor Freddy Drennan have also been mentioned as potential contenders.

— UPDATE (6.15.18): Stating that it is time for state government to put “solutions over politics”, Slidell attorney Brian Glorioso has announced his candidacy. “Louisiana has a wealth of natural resources and a rich heritage yet we remain one of the poorest states in the nation,” said Glorioso in a prepared statement. “The joke for years has been that Louisiana strives to be ‘better than Mississippi’ yet the joke was on us when a recent report declared that we have the worst economy in America.” Also in the mix (so far) are John Raymond, a Slidell pastor and one-time Survivor contestant, and Cromer’s longtime legislative assistant, Mary DuBuisson.

— UPDATE (7.21.18): The qualifying results are in: Cromer's longtime legislative assistant, Mary DuBuisson; Slidell attorney Brian Glorioso; one-time Survivor contestant and local pastor John Raymond; and a new name, Slidell attorney Sean Morrison, are the four contenders for the seat.

— UPDATE (8.9.18): With the elevation of former Rep. Greg Cromer to the top spot in Slidell’s city hall, a special election has been called in House District 90. But Weekly subscribers learned in our Aug. 9 issue that, less than a month after qualifying, drama has already gripped the contest and an unconventional candidate is making waves. Read about it here.

House District 93 - Moreno - Special

This election was just called for the March 24 ballot. Unlike the others we’ve seen over the past 22 months, this special legislative election will be different. It’s a coveted seat in the lower chamber, even statewide, that is home to the Superdome, French Quarter, Audubon assets, the WWII Museum and what may be more capital outlay projects than any other district. It’s a sophisticated constituency and definitely a full-time job. The seat, which was previously held by Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, will likely draw several contenders. So far, though, only one name has surfaced: Royce Duplessis, a local attorney who is civically and politically engaged and who at one time worked in communications for Entergy. For now, though, it’s still Rep. Moreno. She won’t be sworn in as a councilwoman until May of next year, which leaves plenty of time for the House leadership and other officials to figure out the best time for a special election. What may make the most sense is a March primary and April runoff, as needed, when there’s already a court of appeal race on the ballot for the area.

— UPDATE (1.18.18): There has been one withdrawal from the race, leaving a four-man field of Democrats. Most of the spotlight has been on attorney Royce Duplessis, the chairman of the New Orleans Planning Commission who has been plotting a run for quite some time. He has a few proverbial insiders in his corner and his fundraising is said to be solid. Also running are Danil Faust and Eldon Anderson, who have run unsuccessfully for other elected positions recently, and attorney and radio show host Kenny Bordes.

— UPDATE (2.1.18): Attorney Royce Duplessis has earned the endorsement of the Alliance for Good Government. There’s no doubt that Duplessis is the favorite of the Crescent City’s insiders, and he has an edge. But keep an eye on turnout. The district had a showing of roughly 10 percent in its last comparable election.

— UPDATE (3.1.18): Rep. Helena Moreno has endorsed who she hopes will be her successor after she moves on to the New Orleans City Council. Royce Duplessis, considered the favorite in the race, received the nod.

— UPDATE (3.15.18): Gambit and The Times-Picayune have endorsed Royce Duplessis. He also has the backing of Rep. Helena Moreno, who is moving on to the New Orleans City Council. The election is March 24.

House District 96 - Landry - Incumbent

There are some questions cropping up locally about whether Rep. Terry Landry will stand for re-election in 2019. The uncertainty has created some interest in the seat, as one would expect, and politicos from the area are keeping tabs on Athan Olivier, who is CEO of New Iberia Rehabilitation Hospital.

— UPDATE (4.12.18): Rumors about whether Rep. Terry Landry will stand for re-election in 2019 have sent potential candidates scrambling to get ready, just in case. The latest to the fold is attorney Marcus Bryant of St. Martin Parish, who LaPolitics subscribers from the area suspect would be attracted to an open race. 

House District 98 - Abramson - Open

There’s a long list of names being tossed around and doused with speculation. Attorney Ravi Sangisetty is eyeing the race. Also receiving encouragement is Alice Glenn, a well-liked legislative aide and Junior League personality. Orleans Parish School Board Member Woody Koppel is viewed as a possible contender, as are realtor Austin Lavin, who almost ran last cycle, and Aylin Maklansky, who recently lost a City Council bid.

Senate District 3 - Morrell - Open

Rep. Jimmy Harris is said to be keeping an eye on the contest.

Senate District 8 - Alario - Open

Rep. Pat Connick is already fundraising and will be on the ballot. (Senate President John Alario is one of the people helping Connick raise money.)

Senate District 9 - Appel - Open

Rep. Cameron Henry is running and is raising money. The big question mark is Rep. Neil Abramson, who is being urged to consider the seat.

Senate District 10 - Martiny - Open

Rep. Kirk Talbot will be a candidate and he has secured Brent Barksdale to do his Senate campaign’s consulting and media.

— UPDATE (9.14.17): Rep. Julie Stokes, if she wants it, could be a prime contender — and some Republicans are hoping she does. Already committed is Rep. Kirk Talbot, who is also staffed up.

Senate District 11 - Donahue - Open

Rep. Reid Falconer is said to be considering the contest. Additionally, retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness is worth keeping an eye on, depending on how his bid in the special election in HD 77 goes this fall.

— UPDATE (2.22.18): Radio talk show host and former Louisiana Republican Party executive director Jeff Crouere is considering the seat.

Senate District 13 - Erdy - Open

Rep. Rogers Pope is said to be forming a campaign.

— UPDATE (5.04.18): Rep. Sherman Mack, who still has another term in the House, could make a run for this seat. But Mack is also interested in the district attorney post in the 21st JDC, which isn’t up for grabs until 2020. Rep. Rogers Pope is also said to be forming a campaign for the Senate.

Senate District 14 - Colomb - Open

A well-circulated rumor creeping through Baton Rouge has former legislator and congressman Cleo Fields looking to make a comeback, with the Senate District 14 seat as the target. Rep. Pat Smith has already declared her candidacy for the seat, making for what could be one of the hottest legislative races of 2019. That is, if it happens; anti-Fields folks contend there could be a residency question for the former senator, who served in the upper chamber from 1988 to 1993 and from 1998 to 2008. Fields also has a reputation for “looking” at legislative seats every four years, local donors say.

— UPDATE (4.12.18): Expectations for a bid from former Congressman Cleo Fields continue to grow. Some are whispering that the man who once represented this Senate district will run with the support of well-connected donors and businessmen. But anyone who knows the politics of the district knows these claims surface almost every election cycle. What is certain is an aggressive campaign from Rep. Pat Smith, who is already working the contest. Money could be a factor, though. Smith had just $7,400 in her campaign kitty as of mid-February. Fields, meanwhile, seems to have kept his state account open, but he’ll need to build some bank from scratch if he intends to use it.

Senate District 16 - Claitor - Open

Rep. Franklin Foil comes out of the gate as the early favorite, although some politicos are trying to get Ryan Theriot to run. Theriot was a standout at LSU who later played shortstop and second base for the Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Giants. Businessman Scott McKnight, who ran for the post last cycle, could always take another swing as well. There has also been some talk about attorney Gordon McKernan looking at the Senate seat, but it doesn’t appear serious. (For now.)

—UPDATE (6.8.18): George Bevan, a former first-team All American on the late 1960s LSU Tigers football team, may be eyeing a run. A co-founder at Bernhard Capital, Bevan could be a fierce competitor. Rep. Franklin Foil has been considered an early favorite for the seat, and several others are said to be looking as well.

Senate District 20 - Chabert - Open

Mike Fesi, who ran for the seat last cycle, is said to be thinking about another bid. From the House, keep an eye on Rep. Tanner Magee. Others said to be looking at the race (from a distance) include former Reps. Damon Baldone and Lenar Whitney.

—UPDATE (6.15.18): As hinted at in LaPolitics last year, businessman Mike Fesi has made it official. Like he did last cycle, he's running for Senate District 20. That's when Fesi gleaned 43 percent from the electorate and spent $540,000 of his own cash. This go around his closest supporters suspect he could drop at least $500,000. For now, Fesi is working to clear the field. Also keep a close watch on Rep. Tanner Magee, who remains undecided at this point despite encouraging words from local politicos. Also mentioned as potential contenders in the past were former Reps. Damon Baldone and Lenar Whitney.

Senate District 23 - Cortez - Incumbent

Politicos and local boosters are encouraging Dr. Ken Odinet, the Lafayette coroner and son of a former rep from St. Bernard Parish, to consider the seat.

Senate District 25 - Morrish - Open

Rep. Mark Abraham has been encouraged to run, but there has been no official word yet from his camp. Homebuilder and Iraqi War veteran Jody Guidry is interested in the Senate seat too.

—UPDATE (9.14.17):Local politicos have been taking another hard look at Rep. Johnny Guinn lately. He could end up in the mix as well.

Senate District 26 - Perry - Special

Sen. Jonathan Perry officially is running for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal in November, which would open up his legislative seat, should he win. If that happens, Rep. Bob Hensgens has already expressed his interesting in upgrading to the Senate.

—UPDATE (7.26.18): Perry has a gavel and robe waiting for him after qualifying last week and Rep. Bob Hengens has t-shirts and signs ready to go for his bid in Senate District 26. Hengens has been out front in the race for months and he definitely has the head start. Plus, as of Thursday midday, LaPolitics has yet to receive any reports about other potential candidates. 

— UPDATE (8.16.18): Rep. Bob Hensgens faces two opponents on the Nov. 6 ballot for the Senate seat left open by Judge-elect Jonathan Perry. Both qualified on the final day of the signup period last month. The other candidates are Jerry Gaspard, a Republican from Abbeville, and Jean Menard, a Democrat from Church Point.

Senate District 28 - LaFleur - Open

Rep. Bernard LeBas could end up being a candidate.

UPDATE (9.14.17): Operatives are keeping a watch on Turkey Creek Mayor Heather Cloud. Rep. Bernard LeBas could also end up being a candidate.

—UPDATE (11.30.17): Democratic leaders in this Cajun-tasting district have been encouraging Rep. Robert Johnson to explore the possibility of running. One big factor for Johnson could be his colleague, Rep. Bernard LeBas, who is said to be looking at the contest as well. Operatives are also watching for moves from Turkey Creek Mayor Heather Cloud.

—UPDATE (3.15.18): Turkey Creek Mayor Heather Cloud, after considering a bid in House District 38, is said to be looking harder at this Senate seat. So remove her from your HD38 file. She has also retained the services of consultant Chris Comeaux.

Senate District 30 - Smith - Open

Rep. James Armes and former Rep. Brett Geymann are seen as possible candidates.

— UPDATE (3.15.18): Chuck Owen, who is retired from the Air Force and serves on the Republican State Central Committee, is said to be looking at the seat. A resident of Leesville, local politicos say he could end up self-financing, should he need to.

Senate District 31 - Long - Open 

Retired Natchitoches Clerk Louie Bernard is said to be making noise about having interest. But also keep Rep. Lance Harris on your list. Some influencers want him in the upper chamber, but re-election to the House could possibly keep him in a leadership position next term.

— UPDATE (2.1.18): As previously reported here as a possibility, retired Natchitoches Clerk Louie Bernard has announced for the seat.

Senate District 32 - Riser - Open

Rep. Andy Anders would become the favorite in this contest if he makes the leap, and some LaPolitics subscribers from the area think it’s possible. The real question, though, is whether he can pull it off as a registered Democrat.

— UPDATE (2.22.18): Contractor and small businessman John Stephens, who ran in HD22 last cycle, is going to be a candidate for this Senate seat. As previously reported, Rep. Andy Anders is likely to jump into the ring as well.

Senate District 33 - Walsworth - Open

Rep. Frank Hoffman is said to be eyeing the contest.

Senate District 34 - Thompson - Open

Rep. Katrina Jackson is often mentioned as a likely candidate and some locals haven’t yet ruled out Rep. Bubba Chaney.

Senate District 35 - Fannin - Incumbent

Should this seat become open, and there are no indications that it will, Rep. Jay Morris’ supporters like the possibility of him getting into the race. Plus Sen. Jim Fannin’s 2015 opponent, Stewart Cathey, is said to be eager for another bite at the electoral apple.

— UPDATE (4.12.18): With half of the district vote residing in Ouachita Parish, the seat remains a distinct opportunity for Rep. Jay Morris, who hasn’t announced a decision. Morris, however, is working again with media consultant Roy Fletcher and pushing out videos about the constitutional convention issue and the 2nd Amendment, of which the latter has some noticeable production value. Voters in the district say they’re seeing them in heavy rotation on Facebook, leading many to believe Morris may be leaning towards an affirmative answer on this Senate district. But the big question mark belongs to incumbent Sen. Jim Fannin, who should be considered an incumbent seeking re-election until otherwise publicly stated.

Senate District 36 - Gatti - Incumbent

The recent defeat of Sen. Ryan Gatti’s brother, Robert Gatti, in a HD 8 special election could draw opponents to the freshman senator — even a possible challenge from Rep. Raymond Crews, who is quickly becoming a favorite of the business lobby. Sen. Gatti is expected to run for re-election.

— UPDATE (2.1.18): In what will make for interesting water cooler chit chat, local politicos and donors are urging Rep. Raymond Crews to consider an elected career in the upper chamber.

Senate District 38 - Milkovich - Incumbent

Rep. Alan Seabaugh is giving serious consideration to challenging Sen. John Milkovich, who is expected to run for re-election.

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